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FarrrTHUR 3 – an App (or two) for Ag

There are more agriculture apps out there than you may initially think.


My Farmer has several agriculture related apps on his smart phone.  I asked him for a list of words he would use to search at the app store if he were to get a new cell phone today and want to upfit it for agriculture.


Here’s his list…






dinner bell alarm


tractor maintenance


wife’s favorite froyo




fuel prices

donkey care


employee management

marketing barn cats

drought monitor

veterinary pharmaceuticals

conversion calculators – for volume, length, area, etc.

weed guides


….and so on and so forth.


ag apps 2wm



To read more about Ag Apps:


Drovers Cattle Network

Beef Magazine


Cool, right!  There’s some really nifty stuff out there for farmers and ranchers!
🙂 Emily Grace


Which app makes your everyday – home and/or work – more enjoyable/manageable? 



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13 Responses to “FarrrTHUR 3 – an App (or two) for Ag”

    • Emily Grace

      Hey Franco! I don’t know if it is or not! LOL

      I slipped that “app search suggestion” in there to see if my Farmer is reading this blog or not. 🙂 LOL If he sees that one or the “wife’s favorite froyo” he’ll have something to say about it. 🙂 Actually, I’m thinking he owes me a Friday night froyo date today!…he’d better find that app! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by, Franco. I’ve still got your cartel post in my favorites bar so that I will read it and respond. May was hectic, but June is slowing for me a bit and I’m hoping to keep up with a few more blogs over the summer.

      Emily Grace


  1. Shane Francescut

    Interesting. I guess there’s an app for absolutely everything. But, why wouldn’t a farmer want to use an app? They’re not just for hipsters. My neighbour growing up was a farmer who used all the latest technologies for farming and was very successful. I’m sure if he was younger today, he’d be all over his iPhone while working the crops and tending to his cows.


    • Emily Grace

      You’re right, Shane! Apps are for farmers, too.

      I really appreciate your point of reference for ag and technology as experienced through your neighbor. We have to use technology to feed more people on less land. Some don’t like that idea in relation to their food – they love it with cars, phones, etc., but not with food. The truth is, to be a successful farmer and therefore, nourish successful and needy people all over the world, agriculture and technology must work together. Thanks for chiming in.

      Emily Grace


    • Emily Grace

      I know, right?! I was just telling Caitlin from Belonging With Wildflowers that if we could sell barn cats, farmers could take the best vacations.:)

      Let me know which app you get. My current phone loathes apps. It really gets screwed up when I try to download any. But, we should get new phones later this summer, so I’ll go for one then. I’m thinking drought monitor and commodities. Because they sound legit.:)


  2. Caitlin | belong with wildflowers

    The picture to accompany this post is just too cute… love that little face poking out below the big cow’s belly 🙂 Also, this is awesome! I never thought to check out app’s for agricultural reasons (hello Caitlin, welcome to 2014). An app on marketing barn cats? Can’t wait to read more about that one.


    • Emily Grace

      Thanks, Caitlin. 🙂

      The “marketing barn cats” app store search suggestions is my Farmer being sarcastic. 🙂 If farmers could market barn cats for a good profit, we could all go to Tahiti on vacation each year. 🙂 LOL


  3. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

    Who would have thought? Emily Grace, you are light years ahead of me. I so wish my father were still alive to discuss this with – he’d laugh and laugh. And, yes he had a cell phone all the way to the end. Of course it happened because he was going to drive from NC where Tom and I lived at the time to Kansas, where he lived, and he was making the drive alone at 90! Tom and I often laughed that Dad became cell savvy long before we did. We had phones but didn’t use them often. Dad was the social butterfly. Another great post!


    • Emily Grace

      My Farmer loves his cell, too. It’s not something I expected, but indeed, like your dad, these farmers are quite the social butterflies especially when handed a cell phone!

      How amazing that he could make that drive to KS at 90! What part of NC were you living in at the time?


      • Emily Grace

        I hear ya. Retirement requires specific geography. I’m speaking with my parents about them making a move 15-20 minutes closer to my farm. Not a huge move for them, but I still feel the weight of requesting and encouraging such a big decision. However, we think long term they will benefit from being closer – the main goals being to facilitate their independence longer and to include them in family activities more easily and frequently long term – all this with their own place and privacy. We aren’t asking for much are we?! LOL This is why we pray and wait.


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