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My Writing Process – a blog tour

Sheri de Grom has very graciously nominated me for a blog tour that is focused on authors’ writing processes.  I’m very pleased to get to participate and share my little bit of blog experience with you.



Sheri’s blog “Sheri de Grom – From the literary and legislative trenches” is a fascinating collection of her writings about her work and life experiences.  My connection to Sheri started when she found my blog via Freshly Pressed where my post Relationships.Don’t.Matter was featured.  Since then we’ve connected over Sheri’s childhood on a ranch in the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas and much appreciated ag-sister camaraderie.  In many ways, Sheri is more connected to agriculture by her memories than my generation is in their present.  Without the Sheri’s in my life, my first decade in agriculture would have been unbearably lonely.

So, I’m thankful for Sheri’s notice of Beef and Sweet Tea and me.  Her friendly conversation affirms my present reality, bolstering my courage for my everyday and letting me know I’m more normal than I think I am – less than 2% farming or not.

And every time I read her blog, I gain perspective.



My Writing Process




1.) What am I working on right now?


  • I am working on a post about fortitude – mental and emotional courage in the face of adversity.

Recently, I’ve grasped fortitude beyond its dictionary definition.  I’m looking forward to sharing my new understanding of fortitude through words and some lovely horse images.

  • And, I’m often snapping pictures.




2.)How does my work differ from others of its genre?

A year ago, when I was scared to start a blog, I would have told you that I was 98% different from everyone in the US.  I was very self conscious about being a farmer because of negativity in the media and the fear and confusion present among consumers in relation to their food.  Face-to-face conversations with consumers enhanced my feelings of conspicuity.


Great word – to be conspicuous – to stand out – to attract special attention. 


Heaven forbid, I thought!  I’ve already got a target on me – start a blog?!  No way!


After months of slowly taking in the blogging concept, I forged ahead and now that I blog, I’ve found more farm blog sites via the WordPress community.  I now see a nice herd of farm bloggers and I don’t feel I’m very different at all, even though I’m still in the <2% who farm in the US.  The camaraderie has done wonders for my courage.

So, I rephrased question #2 to myself this way:

How would I like readers to think I’m noteworthy/different?

Southern, well-photographed preservation.

Threaded through this site is my love to document and preserve – farm ideas, jelly, history, memories, important thoughts/perspectives, beautiful images of land/animals/eyes, and, of course, my sanity.

I hope you find this thread of preservation and appreciate it for what it is, is not and could be to you, our children and future farmers, etc.





3.) Why do I write what I do?


Because writing and photography make me just plain happy.


Because farmers don’t typically speak up for themselves.  Instead, they tend to spend their time turning dirt into food without ever running out of dirt.  Fascinating.




4.) How does my writing process work?


My writing process is visually driven.

Sometimes, I get an idea and am inspired to take pictures of chap stick on the back deck with a pumpkin and Tom Gray.  The words come together via the images.

Most times, I photograph for the joy of photographing whatever is going on around here.  Then I post from those photos or I store the photos for later.  For instance, I took these cool turtle pictures almost a month ago without any purpose in mind for them.  I have many, many more photos than blog posts, and I don’t think I would write much if I couldn’t photograph, too.


Really – truth be told – there’s nothing to say about my writing process except it is slow…


but I’m learning to celebrate slow, like a crockpot thinker.




With this writing process blog tour, I may nominate up to three other bloggers.  Here they are.


Dara writes about life, race and culture from her Southern home in Georgia, USA.  I laugh and I learn at Dara’s site.  Mostly, I pay homage to her supreme word ninja prowess. 🙂


Anne writes about life on her working farm in Essex, England.  She writes about farming, food, what’s in her kitchen, walking the land and crafts.   Her site is well-photographed and refreshing.  I’ve already invited myself over. 😉


Inese is a portrait photographer in Co Tipperary, Ireland.  Family history is important to her – all the more reason to be a portrait photographer!  🙂  She also highlights Ireland, travel, social awareness, etc.  One of my favorite bits about her site is the photography tip she gives at the end of each post, like this one:

Photography tip of the day: enjoy your photography, remember that it is not a competition.


Thank you for joining me for this writing process tour at Beef and Sweet Tea!

Any questions?


🙂 eg


And, special thanks to Caitlin at Belong With Wildflowers.

Her blog tour post gave me visual aid for how to start this post.  If I can see it, I can get moving – and there are lovely things to see and read over at Caitlin’s.  🙂

17 Responses to “My Writing Process – a blog tour”

  1. inesephoto

    Hi! That’s me again:) I nominated you for a Black Wolf Blogger award. Check out my latest post for the further instructions:) Your blog is great and you are very talented!


  2. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

    Emily Grace – As my granny would say, “You made yourself proud.” I love your turtle and how you wove your writing process around your photography. You are so right about farmers getting a bad rap for the hard work they do and often, not nearly enough pay. Our country has less than 2% that farm and less than 1% of the eligible age bracket join the military. Sometimes I wonder what the remaining 97% does for a living. I’m looking forward to visiting those you’ve nominated. Sheri


  3. Anne @ Life in Mud Spattered Boots

    Finally catching up with my reading. Thanks for the insight into your writing – keep speaking up for farmers because you’re doing a good job. I promise that I’ll do mine soon.
    I tried to leave a comment yesterday but my computer had a hissy fit and wouldn’t accept it and then stopped following you, hence the new follow. Technology.


    • Emily Grace

      Technology, indeed. Each time I have to “prove I’m not a robot” I feel a little aggravated. ;o)

      Thank you for reading, Anne!


  4. why do I bother? | Life in Mud Spattered Boots

    […] Having answered or avoided the questions, I’m now supposed to nominate three other bloggers to join the Blog Tour but instead of that, if you’re looking for new blogs to read (and I suspect that this is part of the reason for this little escapade) can I point you to the Blogroll at the bottom of the page. Follow the links and you’ll find beautifully written and photographed blogs, none of which will try to sell you anything other than inspiration. If you want to see these questions answered properly, check out Emily’s post here. […]



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