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The Friday Favored: 14th Edition



Already the first week of June is done!  And the longest day of the year is coming.

I hope you had a great week.



The Friday Favored: 14th Edition


1.) One more serpent:

My brother bombed my text message inbox with a corn snake a couple of weeks ago, and then this booger showed up in my yard last Friday.


rat snake-3

I refuse to take questions on the volume of weeds present in this photo.  Suffice to say, it was a weedy patch. 🙂


rat snake-1

Jeeeeennnnnnnaaaa!  Sweet merciful Resident Go-To Naturey Chick of mine – was ist das?


And she calmly responds

That’s a beautiful black rat snake (the corn snake’s cousin).  They can get over six feet and get blacker as they age. This one’s still a baby. 😉
Also, a random snake fact for you. In the U.S., if a snake has round eyes like your guy, it’s nonvenomous. If it has cat shaped, elliptical eyes, it’s a bad-y.
rat snake-2
There is one exception: the venomous coral snake has round eyes, but it’s only on the coast.


She makes it sound so simple, but it’s just so much to keep up with.

And that’s okay – farmers are known for having numbers programmed in their phones that reach people that know things about bugs, weeds, scourges, dystocia, etc.  I reckon she’s my own creepy-crawly lifeline!




2.) Snap peas and celery:

…are both doing great in my garden…despite the volume of weeds uneaten by a goat.


mess of peas-1


 What’s growing for you?




3.) Moooving cattle:

We needed all the cattle to go to the barn recently.  My Farmer and I asked politely, but they preferred the horses do the asking, so we called in the neighbors








my Farmer, the Samurai, Buddy and me directed the cattle away from one spot – `twas a little much for one spot, but I was told I was just there to take pictures.  ha ha I kill me! ~Alf





Buddy Bear, how is it that you know no fear of storms when riding in a vehicle?



Personally, I find the bird poop quite symbolic for the predicament looming if these cows don’t get a moooove on…




Like any self-respecting Farmer when he’s spread a little thin labor-wise and watching a storm roll in, mine handed the wheel over to his wife…hehehe



arm bar-1

…and his wife drove a stick-shift, took pictures, herded cattle, arm-barred Buddy because the doors are off the Samarai for the summer, wore a long maxi skirt with pink mud boots because “she was just along to take pictures” – and she even smiled while doing it.

Not tooting my own horn people – just sayin’ if you like eating, now you know where an important portion of agriculture success comes from in this world – women go FarrrTHUR in ag.





















Thank you, Bella.





Thank you, Mr. Gray.



Donkey loves, y’all are awfully funny…always bringing up the rear. 😉


Happy Weekend Friends,

Emily Grace


 What went on in your world this week?



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Come on over!


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35 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 14th Edition”

  1. Nancy Schmidt

    Love the pictures Emily, it was so nice to be able to recognize the area. . The horse wranglers are cool too!!! Wish I was there.. Love your blog..


  2. inesephoto

    fantastic pictures! love the snake:) i will contact you tomorrow or later today, probably through a comment because i don’t know how else:) i was nominated to enter a travel blog and i want to nominate you.


    • Emily Grace

      Thank you!

      I am posting for a travel blog on Monday. I wonder if they are the same? Regardless, I am honored, and I would love to participate!


      • inesephoto

        I am posting on Monday too, referred by http://www.sheridegrom.com/. Could you check out who referred the person who referred you? I too wonder if it is the same… So what do you think, will you do it again or I have to chose someone else? Your blog is fantastic, my first choice:)


      • Emily Grace

        Ha! we must not have read Sheri’s post closely enough – and I certainly haven’t made the rounds to her recommendations yet. Sheri nominated me, too. 🙂

        She seems to be quite the networker! What a pleasure that we have caught her eye!

        You are so generous with your compliment and I am appreciating the affirmation. How about we nominate each other? 🙂 I only have one person agreeing to participate in the blog tour, and we have up to three we can highlight – shall we link to each other? We’ve only just met, but I see great potential in your topics and lovely photography – I have a feeling we may just be great friends!


      • inesephoto

        You are right, I didn’t read closely:) And thank you so much for the nomination, I think it is all right if you don’t mind and I don’t mind:) I feel really humbled, I have only started in early April ( did some job offline before going live), and it is my first experience with writing, English not being my native language. Thank you again, look forward to reading your post Monday:)


      • Emily Grace

        I’m glad neither of us mind! 🙂

        Your site doesn’t look like it just started in April. It seems quite established. It draws my attention, is well photographed and overall very well done.

        I am learning German – I hope to grasp it well in time – your English is very good.

        I’m so pleased I have three nominations after all! I didn’t think I would manage it. These tours and awards seem like fun things people do – but this is my first and it seems a bit daunting – like a large homework assignment from class. 🙂 We’ll do great, though. See you Monday. 🙂


  3. Sandy Fopiano

    Hi Emily !!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog !!!! Can’t wait for the next one. I loved seeing you and your “farmer” when Nancy and I came for a few days. Take care, sweetie, and love to you and your “farmer”


    • Emily Grace

      Sandy! Thank you for stopping by! I am so pleased to hear from you. Thanks for following along, and do come back and see us in person, too.


  4. wagonramblins

    Love this!!! The photos are great! Keep up the great blogging – really enjoying it all!


  5. Caitlin | belong with wildflowers

    Your snap peas look lovely (and I imagine they taste even better!) Nothing is growing in my garden yet, just looking at lots of veggie plants that are green, but no food production yet. (I live in MA, so we usually can’t harvest much until July because of the cold weather).

    “In the U.S., if a snake has round eyes like your guy, it’s nonvenomous. If it has cat shaped, elliptical eyes, it’s a bad-y.” – I learned this from Bear Grylls (from Man vs. Wild), but I never knew if it was really true or not! I hope I never have to put it to the test, but just in case – it’s such a valuable tidbit!


    • Emily Grace

      I can’t wait to see what pretties you have in July! It’s kind of hot and crispy here in July and August, so the garden can seem tired looking, depending on rain. I’d love to see a MA garden in July!

      I hope it’s true, too, because I’ve read that snake info several places online from reputable sources. So if they’re not right, I’ll never know. 🙂


  6. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

    You had some nasty clouds moving in, Emily Grace. I loved riding a cutting horse along with Dad and hired help whenever we had to move cattle. It was an unwritten rule that no one rode Dad’s horse. My brothers were always trying but they were always thrown.
    Yikes, I don’t like snakes. I’m not going to look them in the eye to see if they have round or slanted eyes. Digging under my roses a few weeks ago, I came upon a nest in the ground and I had a handful of snakes before I realized what had happened. Before I thought, I threw them over my head and they went flying in all directions – the entire family. Growing up as a kid, Dad kept snakes in the barn to eat rats and such. He was convinced the barn cats weren’t adequate. (I think that had to do with Mom feeding them beef gravy)!


    • Emily Grace

      Ha! I can just see young Kansas boys trying to conquer dad’s horse as a bragging right. 🙂

      I don’t like snakes either, but I love the mental picture of you tossing snakes over your shoulder. LOL

      Your dad may have been right…my cats hunt, but I’m sure the food I give them makes them a little lazier than necessary. BUT, the food keeps them around my house at some point each day, so they can keep the mice eaten here as well as at the barn. So long as their productivity can handle two structures, I’m fine with a little lazy. 😉


      • sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

        I was always upset because we never had tame kittens to play with as a child. Mother pretended she didn’t like cats but really – let’s face it. She always cooked more than needed as she never knew exactly how many Dad would be bringing to the table as farm hands, but the animals still had tasty food bits around. Emily Grace – you are doing a wonderful job of flooding my memories of living and loving life as a child and adolescent of living the good life of growing up in a true age of innocence. I’m positive it’s what gave me a strong footing in the world before I ventured into the world.


      • Emily Grace

        I noticed in the comments at your site that you think the strong footing you gained on the farm has enabled you to have a career in gov’t. I can’t agree more! Keep the memories coming. It’s a real pleasure to activate those and then enjoy the stories that follow!

        Emily Grace


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