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The Friday Favored: 13th Edition


Have a great Friday! 🙂



The Friday Favored: 13th Edition


1.) You know it’s the end of springtime:

by the flies above.

by the thistle blooms.


It’s been a cell phone picture week y’all.


and by how hard it is to see babies sleeping in the tall grasses – actually, that’s buttercup – a weed that looks pretty. 🙂






2.) Farm wife friends enjoy some Chang’s:

…because we can meet in the middle!



Katie’s garden is doing well….





…undoubtedly Happy Cat is due credit for a portion of the garden’s success.




3.) A Prairie Home Companion in Vienna, Virginia:

Virginia?  That’s Paint The Town AG territory!


the hymn starts about two minutes in



patriot point-1 quote

This song brings a stillness over me like few others – very appropriate for not forgetting.  Thanks for sharing it with us for Memorial Day Weekend APHC!


For more APHC in Vienna, Virginia.


Many thanks for coming South in the springtime Mr. Keillor!






4.)Country Fair Blog Party:

I’m going.  Are you with me? 🙂


Bring your cold drinks and dreams about funnel cakes. We’re having fun in the country!





5.) We went farther FarrrTHUR this week:

What is a freemartin heifer?







Happy Weekend Friends,

Emily Grace


In the flag photo: Patriots Point, SC museums.


For a brief refresher on your American History and Memorial Day: This History Channel four minute video will tell you more.


For the why of this Friday blog rut

For more Friday Favored…

7 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 13th Edition”

    • Emily Grace

      Thank you. And likewise!

      I enjoy the freedom of using several cameras, including the simple and handy cell phone. We are so blessed to live in a modern time with so many photography tools available to us.


      • inesephoto

        Agree with you! Anything capable of taking pictures is still a camera and can produce great images:)


  1. Katie

    Hey yay! Thanks for the shout out! My garden is looking better since I took the arugula out . . . but then the bugs found my kale. This year I did some strategic planting by placing bitter arugula (hoping bugs wouldn’t like it and as it turns out neither did my farmer) next to my tender kale, swiss chard and spinach. Well it worked! The bugs couldn’t find the good stuff and were fooled by the bushy, weed-like arugula. However I couldn’t take the overgrowing arugula and yanked it out last week right after I took the picture of Happy Cat . . . and the bugs were delighted to find my kale. How is your garden coming along? Still need a goat?


    • Emily Grace

      Of course, I still NEED a goat! 🙂 But I’m gradually subduing the chaos by hand. It’s quite lovely even with weeds….a testament to how beautiful it is to bloom where planted.



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