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The Friday Favored: 12th Edition

Are y’all ready for Memorial Day weekend?  We sure are.

…like chicken on a june bug, Tom on a rodent, grill me a burger NOW ready.  🙂


The Friday Favored: 12th Edition


1.) Long distance can work:

Recently I read a post from Caitlin over at The Siren’s Tale.  She was sharing how she maintains a long distance friendship.  Fortuitously, I read her post at the beginning of a fierce case of missing my dear Southern friend who also married a Midwestern man.

Her man determined “Gone With the Wind” should have been part of marriage counseling once he reviewed it with his Southern bride.  My Farmer hasn’t watched it, yet.  We are seeking counsel for his issues. 😉

Beyond sharing a preference for Midwestern men, Amelia and I have shared much over the years – major life hurdles, clinging to our faith, good Louisiana food, meeting up in Colorado because work “just happened” to have us there at the same time,

nope, that was Divine geography – we solved the short jaunt between Denver and Colorado Springs quite efficiently

hospital visits in NY when she was working in DC, and a whole list of beautiful connections making us close hearts.

But, I’ve been missing face time with Amelia and haven’t been doing what I need to do to make the best of distance – Caitlin’s post gave me something to work with and it was just the prompt I needed.  Go check it out.


2.) Corn Snake

My iPhone toting brother sent me somethin’ snakey this week.

corn snake


Texted snakes don’t make me scream.  They inspire curiosity.  So, I forwarded it on to the Resident Go-To Naturey Chick in my life – Jenna.

Here’s what she said:

The Corn Snake is a type of rat snake (rodent eater!  Yay!).  They get a bad rap for mildly resembling copperheads.  Corn Snakes are not aggressive and are nonvenomous.

corn snake 2


They are very beneficial, but their numbers are dwindling.



To which my brother replied, “Cool to know.  Well, that one made it to the woods.”

Here’s to knowing the reptiles.  Is there an app for that?



3.) A Prairie Home Companion in Atlanta:

The Lives of the Cowboys segment:

Have yourself a good laugh as Lefty and Dusty help Atlantans recover from the snowstorm trauma they experienced this winter and then go to a Civil War reenactment.



For more APHC in Atlanta.



4.)Why Memorial Day?

patriot point-1 quote


Don’t neglect to thank a vet, please.

I’ve got my daddy, the local coffee shop owner, the baby boomers at church (’cause they all got drafted back then), etc., on my list.  Who’s on your list?


Remembering that freedom, food and a fun summer ahead aren’t free,

Emily Grace


In the flag photo: Patriots Point, SC museums.


For a brief refresher on your American History and Memorial Day: This History Channel four minute video will tell you more.


For the why of this Friday blog rut

For more Friday Favored…

8 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 12th Edition”

    • Emily Grace

      You’re welcome!

      Yes, Tom won. He’s not a very gracious winner, though. But, I can’t say that I care so long as he keeps the rodent population under control. 🙂


  1. Caitlin | belong with wildflowers

    Thank you so much for sharing my post, Em!

    That information and picture of the corn snake is so awesome. (If I saw the snake in person, that would be a whole ‘nother story haha). I always assumed corn snakes were venomous because they look so much like copperheads.

    Do you see a lot of snakes in your area? Up in MA, we rarely have them unless they’re little garden snakes.



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