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The Friday Favored: 11th Edition

No, this is not a baptismal photo.  Keep reading for the story. 🙂


Buddy Dog recommends that you tune in to Take A Back Road by Rodney Atkins while enjoying the Friday Favored today.  His cousin stars in the music video as “good company in the Jeep with the blonde.”

It’s his favorite song, and Buddy is shameless about getting a plug in for his “cuz.”


The Friday Favored: 11th Edition


1.) Patience, patience…

…if your baby boomer daddy loathes upgrading cell phones,

…if your family potluck gets crashed with picky eaters who have “found salvation” in the latest food headlines,

…if your daily commute makes you want to take, makes you want to take a back road,

…if being a farmer makes you feel like a target because some people think you’re not doing your job right, not that they know anything about farming today – I mean their great-great sold their farm a century ago and you’re doing your best and…breathe – I know.  Now, here’s what you need to get through gracefully…

You need Patience Cards – Anna Lea West over at Life is Funny has a lovely post written.  You’ll laugh.  You may groan with sympathy.  You’ll feel better when you get to the last line – and you’ll be equipped with Patience Cards!

If you run out of PC’s one day – just let me know dear farming friends and eating friends – I’ll share!


2.) Homemade hotdog buns:

These went really wrong the first time I tried them.  They were more like torpedoes than hotdog buns.

hot dog buns-1

Thankfully, Joy the Baker showed me how to make this King Arthur Flour recipe correctly.  It seems I took out to much frustration when kneading these that first go `round.  Thanks to Joy, the second try = excellent!


3.) Laying out of church to go fishing:

It may have looked like a baptism, but our A#1 Farmhand was actually busy keeping the little bull calf from full immersion.  Our thanks to him and his wife for all their time spent finding this one and keeping him safe.  Sends my vocal chords into a rousing rendition of:

There were ninety and niiiiinnnnee, but he left the fold to fiiiinnnnddd….

Sounds strange to belt a hymn out with Rodney singing his song…I’ll hush.  Y’all enjoy this picture story courtesy of camera phone and in-camera editing technology. 🙂































4.) I’m attending the Country Fair Blog Party:

There’s plenty of parking.  Y’all come on over.


You know you wanna come, too!


Happy Weekend.


Emily Grace


For the why of this Friday blog rut

For more Friday Favored…

10 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 11th Edition”

  1. thefarmpaparazzi

    I definitely need those patience cards for the exact reason you listed about feeling like a target. Perhaps I will use them while listening to Take a Back Road and all will be right with the world. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll just whip out the Dammit Doll (http://farmpaparazzi.com/2013/11/11/dammit/). Glad the little guy is home safe and sound!


    • Emily Grace

      You’re gonna make it! You’re well-equipped!

      Thanks! Me, too. I was thrilled his mama took him back! There was half a minute there when she was licking his hiney like a mama while simultaneously pushing him away from nursing by lightly kicking him. The level of bovine confusion was high, but it subsided quickly as he continued nursing. I always feel better when I can relate to other females who are fielding hormones and messes simultaneously! It is life. It knoweth no boundary of species. 🙂


  2. Katie

    So did you hoist the calf out? Or did he swim away, you catch him, and drive him to his momma?


    • Emily Grace

      Well, there was a hoist attempt that was defeated by thrashing and swimming away.

      Next, there was a chase by wet jean-chaffed farm men, followed by a swim back across creek with calf in tow by said farm men, now doubly soaked.

      Then there was hoisting. He was a heavy little guy and it was a steep creek bank.

      Then there was lugging to the back of the truck. More thrashing, since calves don’t typically ride in pick up trucks.

      Finally after the drive to his mama, there was more thrashing because she mooed at him – he mooed back and wet jean chaffed farm men dove out of the way of his sharp little tailgate/groin height hooves as he commenced to dismount the tailgate on his own and go have his supper with his mama.

      I tried not to laugh at the farm men. I hid behind my camera phone.



  3. Katie

    That is awesome. I appreciate the perseverance. I tried not to laugh while reading out of respect for wet jean chaffed farm men.


  4. Caitlin | The Siren's Tale

    Love that Rodney Atkins song… it really does make you want to take a back road, off the beaten path, dust flying in the wind, and music turned up loud 🙂

    The hot dog buns look delicious… thanks for passing on the recipe!

    Also, so happy that all turned out okay with the staff! Thank goodness for good people and kind neighbors to help out!



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