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The Friday Favored: 10th Edition

We lost a cow and a calf to a bad breech labor this week.  It was a hard day, and unlike any in the decade I’ve been here.  I’ll tell you more about labor problems on a beef farm next week, but for today I’m just thankful for the dozens of healthy mama cows and calves roaming about our pastures – and I’m ready to greet the weekend!…

…with liberty and coreopsis blooms for all!


The Friday Favored: 10th Edition


1.) Freshly Pressed

Two weeks ago I was “freshly pressed” for the first time in my little blogging life.

Freshly Pressed is where WordPress, my blog platform, features their bloggers. 

A post from Valentines about how Relationships Don’t Matter has had likes/views, and I am so honored and amazed.

Thank you, Emily at The Waiting, for suggesting this post to Freshly Pressed.

You may remember Emily at The Waiting showed up in the first ever Friday Favored here.  Her writing on parenting, etc., is well worth a click.

Thank you all for making this such a delightful experience!


2.) Name the Bull:

Recently we trekked to Burns Farms to procure a Hereford bull for our herd.  I introduced him in last week’s Friday Favored.

Since we haven’t had him shipped to our farm yet…

{shipping and handling charges/logistics of a bull – yeehaw!}

…my farm wife friend Katie hung out with him one morning this past week.   She sent me a “Hi Mom” cell pic and this video.

Behold, he doth sound out his motivation and run and hop and threaten smack down in full view of an iPhone….



…but he doth not have a name.

Current name suggestions from last week:
Big and Bad
Go Get Em  (as in me?!?!)
Dream Boy
Big Love

My Farmer says he’ll vote from your suggestions.



3.) If You’ve Encountered France or Would Like To…or NEED TO!!:

Recently I was reading a blog post called “The Mitigated Perception of France Abroad”.  I laughed.

And then I reminded myself I should check out the audio version of “Bringing up Bébé” again – because advising oneself through the eyes of another culture is useful and hilarious.  Really, this is a great read/listen regardless of age/stage/parenting or not.

4.)  I Enjoy This Photo Blog:




5.) Buddy and I were truckers this week: 

I’m talkin’ big Dodge diesel dually with a trailer in tow and places to go.

buddy dodge 2
And the hound was proud!…

buddy dodge


…and terribly thrilled that the back seat was packed full, so he just had to ride shotgun.



Happy Mother’s Day.

Emily Grace


For the why of this Friday blog rut

For more Friday Favored…

21 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 10th Edition”

  1. Alice Murray

    How about Casanova? Cass for short. Optimistic and appropriate. Love the blog! Hope to see you folks sometime soon!


  2. Myla

    Bella, our black lab, is notably irritated when she has to ride in the backseat! There’s lots of sighing and huffing. And the looks she gives me when I’m sitting in ‘her’ seat, wowzers!


  3. Robyn

    Emily Grace,

    There are so many problems with cows. Funny things happen all the time, then we scratch our head and wonder why. Sometimes I wish they could just talk and tell us what is wrong.

    Congrats on the Fresh Press. A little blog lovin and recognition is a fun “feather in your hat.” Your first picture is so bright and colorful, SPRING!

    Looks like Buddy is a great side kick. I always take my little dog when I go to visit my folks. She loves to travel and needs less bathroom breaks than I do.

    Have a fabulous weekend.


    • Emily Grace

      Yes, Robyn, if only cows could speak English! 🙂

      I hadn’t thought about how Buddy requires fewer potty breaks. Ha! Funny!

      Hope your weekend is fabulous, too.


  4. inesephoto

    I have seen my Nan crying only twice: when my Dad died and when she lost a cow. Such an amazing bond between a farmer and their animals. I have a great respect for the farmers work.



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