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The Friday Favored: 9th Edition

Happy Weekend. 🙂


The Friday Favored: 9th Edition


1.) This dune buggy could fly for ranchers!

An article via CNN Money about a prototype dune buggy that flies.  I am in want of one. 🙂

Thanks for sending this link over, J!


2.) A bunch of bull:

Recently we trekked to Burns Farms to procure a Hereford bull for our herd.  (as seen in featured image at top of post)

Look!  The walking of the bulls!   (Ha, ha, I kill me! ~Alf)

burns spring 14-15

They’re Herefords, y’all.  They just don’t run much.  Now that’s not to say our new bull (far right in this picture) is not a breeding machine. 

Oh no, we have been very pleased with Burns bulls.  They have plenty of…ahem…initiative.

Initiative and general calmness are different characteristics and not contradictory at all.  So, we now have a new stocky, performance oriented, healthy bull – who walks up to the ladies and…well, it’s called “natural service” in the industry and that’s all I’m saying.  New topic…

Let’s talk about pretty ladies instead…

burns spring 14-71

…pretty Burns ladies.

We did not buy one, but my camera admired them greatly…and so did the bull.

He needs a name y’all.  Any suggestions?


3.) Farmland Film

Where will the next generation of farmers come from?  Who is your farmer?

I simply must see this film.


Thanks to my m.i.l. for texting me that link!



4.)  Kiss My Tractor:

Click over to Kiss My Tractor to read about Sugar Beets

Very interesting and it reminded me of the Hallmark movie “The Magic of Ordinary Days” – the hero of the book is a sugar beet farmer!




5.) Weathering the storms:

Monday and Tuesday were stormy days here in the South.  We had our first tornado warnings and watches for the season…Tom Gray gave his two cents on the matter.

All is well here and we are thankful and mindful of those in our country who were impacted more by the storms.

As tornado season goes forward, we hope you’ll sign up for severe weather warning text message updates in your area and stay on top of your awareness.

Buddy is very, very aware of storms.


buddy wrap 3

It’s the most stressed out this happy Lab mix dog gets…except for ground hogs…but that’s a different kind of stressed – a happy stress, if you will.

Storm stress is serious anxiety for the Buddy Dog.

A while back we learned from my in-laws that their collie feels better in storms if she wears a work vest (she’s a certified therapy dog).  She’s more confident about the matter in her vest.

We wanted to try out this concept on Buddy, so I used a bandage for wrapping ribs (you know farm work can pop a rib out of place and send you to the chiropractor on your knees).

buddy wrap


buddy wrap 2


The wrap works great – like a big hug – and he calms down considerably.  Instead of tripping me up trying to hide under my feet, he will choose a “hiding spot” near me and lie down.  The wrap is inexpensive and it reduces his frantic energy to an unhappy puddle of black chub and fur in the corner, and I think he’s happier that way until the storm passes…

buddy wrap 4

…and then he gets up and faces life again as the thunder fades in the distance.

note: just don’t wrap too tightly – snug is the goal, not constricting.


See you next week!

Emily Grace


For the why of this Friday blog rut

For more Friday Favored…

19 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 9th Edition”

  1. Katie

    Hey thanks for the farm shout out! Love the pictures too and I can’t wait to see more! His current name is Lincoln … but I didn’t name him and I think he needs a love name – like you are my bull child and I call you ….. I am going to have to come up with some ideas for names. What are the names of your other bulls? How about Burnie? Titus? His sire’s name is Go Abe – so how about Go Get Em? Wrong? I kid I kid


    • Emily Grace

      You’re welcome. 🙂 Just giving credit where due.

      A love name for the bull child. You crack me up.

      We have a Cardoso from y’all from two years ago. Otherwise we have leased a few bulls and I don’t name them.

      Burnie could be a generic name until we find him a real name. “Go Get Em” – like short for Emily? I don’t think so! Hereford bulls are the only ones I don’t tremble next to – I don’t want to change the vibe by saying that every time I see him! Too funny.

      I don’t care for Lincoln, but I do like Abe.

      Good suggestions! Keep ’em coming!


  2. Myla

    I really like the looks of your new bull! I grew up on a Polled Hereford farm so I’m partial to the non-horned variety. I think it’s great you made your own ThunderShirt. Why spend the money one buying one when you can make it yourself?!? Have a great weekend!


    • Emily Grace

      Thanks, Myla! Polled is the only way my Farmer will go.

      Yes, I do prefer saving a few dollars, too!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Sarah Thomas

    I saw Farmland last night for the second time. I love it! They did a great job of capturing how diversified ag is in the US. I felt like a cheerleader on the sidelines cheering on my team of farmers and ranchers. Definitely go see it when you get the chance!


  4. countrylinked

    A very handsome new man in your life! 🙂

    He does not look like a Lincoln, but I am liking Abe. We tend to use the Sire name in some sort of combination when naming females for registration. When I name the bulls, it is only a select few and I try for something memorable. Dream boy was a favorite.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Hope u are having the same beautiful weather we are!


  5. Franco Guerri

    Is Lincoln 4-H project friendly? I just remember a cantankerous Charolais bull from my cowboyin’ days. We shoveled his pen with one eye on him and the other planning an escape route.
    How about “Macho”. Or go Biblical and call him “Solomon”. There was a guy who kept a lot of ladies happy!


    • Emily Grace

      He’ll be handled by my Farmer and farmhands – he’s docile enough to shake a bucket at and load on the stock trailer with little aggravation if any. Funny story! I would not have done that job because of the bull, not the shovel.

      Nice suggestions! I’m going to have my Farmer vote soon.


  6. SJ

    Aww poor Buddy! Glad the storms are gone and his black chub can breathe again. :-p Your bull is quite the go getter! I am fond of the name Bentley and it seems he has the “engine” to go with the name.


  7. Caitlin | The Siren's Tale

    I am so excited about the Farmland documentary as well. I love hearing diverse perspectives from farmers (conventional and organic), and it’s always interesting the issues they bring to light.

    PS – So adorable about the wrap for your dog during storms. I never thought of doing that, but I should. My 50+ lb. mix shakes like a leaf when it’s raining/thunder/lightening.



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