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The Friday Favored: 8th Edition

It was a quiet week here on the farm.  We have a few dozen calves born and not many more to go before spring calving season ends.  I didn’t roam the pastures really at all this week.  The A#2 farmhand handled everything with my Farmer – but that’s just as well considering what the backyard boys conjured up.  The week was anything but boring.


The Friday Favored: 8th Edition


1.) Your Camera Doesn’t Matter


I enjoy reading Ken Rockwell’s photography equipment reviews.  In my hunt for some information on a lens I am looking to purchase, I came across this article – Your Camera Doesn’t Matter.


A camera catches your imagination. No imagination, no photo – just crap. The word “image” comes from the word “imagination.” It doesn’t come from “lens sharpness” or “noise levels.” ~Ken Rockwell


Now, I’m still going to purchase the lens I researched- because I believe having good eyes (lens) is more important than having a brilliant mind (souped-up camera body)…

…I mean I understand Hellen Keller was brilliant in her blindness, but when it comes to camera equipment I’ve found I can do more with a great lens than with a fancy camera body.  Plus, I’m super near-sighted, and not as brilliant as HK, so I buy nice glass (lens) like I keep my optometry prescription updated – it’s just smart…

That said, I agree with Mr. Rockwell completely in that a nice camera does not replace thoughtfully created images and basic understanding of light and equipment.  A nice prime lens makes my heart sing, but it’s not a magic wand for making something awesome out of nothing.


Cameras don’t take pictures, photographers do. Cameras are just another artist’s tool. ~Ken Rockwell


Go give Ken Rockwell a few minutes of your time.  You might just learn something.  I know I do each time I visit!




2.) The Backyard Boys:

I don’t know what got into my backyard boys this week, but they were intent on destruction.

P.S. Unedited cell pics all the way this week.  On the spot documentation uncut. 🙂

squirrel 1

Tom, really?!  Must you always start at one end and mangle until you’re bored?  What about “cleaning your plate” or leaving the leftovers elsewhere?

squirrel 2

That’s what happens when you play with your food – Buddy confiscates it.


squirrel 3

Thankfully, Buddy is non-confrontational and usually listens to a well said “leave it.”

I know, Buddy, your dry kiblets are just nothing like fresh squirrel.  I make the same distinctions with chocolates.


I think the moment of sadness above fueled a ground hog strangling.

ground hog 1

Violent, I know.

There was no blood.  He’s a clean killer.

Good boy.  I prefer clean.

ground hog 2


Tom, aren’t you going to try to take Buddy’s ground hog?

I don’t blame you – after watching him strangle that thing with nary a drop of blood and death in less than two minutes, I’m staying back here with you until I can wrap my brain around the Buddy Dog’s rodent removal prowess.

I guess I can return the trap to my parents.  So much for catch and release.



3.)  Low Glycemic Tortillas, etc.

If you count carbs, monitor blood sugar or just want to try a bread product that has more protein and fiber, I recommend trying these sprouted grain products.  You can find them in the freezer section at Publix and other grocery stores.

We had Italian cheese bites with a squash and pasta sauce dish the other day.  Just brush the tortillas with olive oil, sprinkle with Italian seasonings and cheese, then broil/toast for a minute.

ezekial tortilla




4.) Progressive Farmer – March 2014:

I spent an hour with last month’s PG one evening this week.  Here are a few highlights.

 A Savannah Reborn in Iowa of all places. 🙂  Forestry is a large portion of the agriculture industry in the South.  This was a fascinating read for me and it expanded my perspective on US forestry regionally.

Fellow farm wife Kristie Swenson is featured in a Speak up for Agriculture piece.

Born for the Show Ring – I can’t find the link online, so it must be in their print magazine only.  So, if your farm copy of The Progressive Farmer is lying around,

possibly crumpled from being inhaled by a farmer you know,

I do recommend this sweet story from the “Your Life” section as well as the review in the “Health Care” section that introduces a documentary on US hunger called Place at the Table.  I plan to watch this soon now that I’ve learned it’s out there…

I may just do that this weekend.  What are your plans?  How was your week?


Emily Grace


For the why of this Friday blog rut

For more Friday Favored…

11 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 8th Edition”

  1. Katie

    Big week for the tiny herd! Our mini herd’s jobs are often unrecognized. So glad you shared their accomplishments. This week was ok, just recovering from a cattle sale and trying to get back to my other job that actually pays money. My cattle dog just herd about Buddy’s accomplishment and she is staring at me. It is odd. Anyway, I had a great day Tuesday before going back to work where I went on a walk next to a rushing creek. It was glorious. I need to send you my unedited pictures that I took with my camera phone – because with that kind of scenery, the camera really didn’t matter. I thought that article on Speak up for Agriculture was good and we should do more. I don’t know how or why the voice of the uneducated seems to scream louder than the educated ones. Suggestions? Are those Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas?


    • Emily Grace

      I know, right! The mini herd needs more attention. We’ve been having such a time with those ground hogs, so Buddy’s score was appreciated. I haven’t utilized him before because I hoped to move them elsewhere, I didn’t know he could do that, and I worry over Buddy with his age and those ground hogs have such ferocious looking teeth. He careth not! I’d say he just earned his keep in a most exciting way…though good company is all that’s expected of him and he has that down to an art. 🙂 Your cattle dog is probably learning from the amazing Buddy dog. ;o)

      Hope work went well. I do want to see your creek pictures. You know I like photo submissions – they bail me out and make me happy!

      Well, I’ll just say that farmers have been quiet for a long while – media isn’t our original habitat – but we are catching up and doing really good media work, I think!

      yes, those are Ezekial sprouted grain tortillas. Yum!

      have a great weekend, FWFF. 🙂



      • Franco Guerri

        Is Buddy an old lab? We have Tess, a nine year old pointing lab that hasn’t hunted in a while. Her only “purpose” is to chase the wild turkeys away. They’re fun to watch but make a terrible mess, spreading weed seeds and poison oak seeds. But as you say, she’s really good at loving people.

        I like Ken Rockwell also. I recently replaced my aging 5d with a 6d after much research, and am really pleased. I used to be a fixed focal length lens guy back in my Hasse 500c and Laica M4 days (film, darkroom etc), but I’m converted now. I just love my 24-70 f2.8, and let’s face it, you get lazy. I find the more equipment I have to lug around, the less I take photographs. Still, my new 100mm Canon 2.8 w IS is unbelievably sharp.

        Well, I love what you did with your phone. Just curious, is it an iPhone? I compared a 5 with the Samsung sIII and it was no contest (iPhone won).

        Keep up your good work. I think there’s a book in there.


      • Emily Grace

        Hi Franco,
        Yes, Buddy is older. I refuse to think about how old, though. I focus on how lively and young at heart he is. 🙂

        I’ll bet your 100mm is sharp! I love the 85mm for the same reason. My father-in-law has the same zoom you mentioned and I’ve used it. It’s great, but I don’t mind the limitation of a prime. If I can’t get what I want with the focal length I have, then I go for a creative alternative or just stand there and enjoy the view! I think wedding photography ruined my “gotta get the shot” drive…actually, I know it did – ran it in the ground and stomped on it. LOL Oh well, cows are much more my speed than weddings any day!

        In high school, I took every dark room photography class they had. I still shoot with film sometimes. I think it’s good for the heart.

        My cell is not an Iphone – I actually don’t know what it’s model is, but it is an HTC smart phone of some type. Its camera is much better than past cell cameras I’ve had, and it even has some in camera edit/effect options.

        A book. Wow. You encourage. 🙂

        Emily Grace


  2. Anne @ Life in Mud Spattered Boots

    I wish my terrier would kill cleanly instead of playing with things first. Mind you, if anyone approaches he soon kills and eats things. I’d never made the link between image and imagination – obviously I lack the latter! Lots of links to check out – they look interesting.


    • Emily Grace

      My cats act like your terrier – it’s all fun and games until it might get taken away!

      I had not made the connection either – but then that’s why I read other people’s work. I borrow their smartness and imagination!

      Hope you’re having a great week. It’s rainy and windy here. Up to 5 inches of rain through tomorrow. April Showers!

      Always a pleasure hearing from you, Anne!


  3. Caitlin | The Siren's Tale

    Oh my gosh, I love Buddy’s face after the ‘leave it’ comment. Too funny! He looks like ‘Mom, if loving the squirrel is wrong, I don’t want to be right’.

    And thanks for bringing up one of life’s biggest questions — why do animals mangle until they’re bored? I had a lovely “gift” of a half-eaten snake on my doorstep this weekend from my cat. How lucky can a pet owner get?!


    • Emily Grace

      Ha! Too funny! You’re so right – the Buddy Dog does not want to be right if squirrels (or the mouse he stole from Tom this very morning) are wrong.

      Eww…mine don’t bring me snakes. I’m hoping they know better!

      Always good to hear from you, Caitlin!
      Emily Grace



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