a story of Southern agriculture


Good Friday.

Lent felt long this year.

I wouldn’t have observed at all this year if not for birdsong.

emma birds-2w

Some where amid the scattered change and discarded tokens of peace…

I couldn’t pass up the symbolism in these photos. ;o)

…and the required daily ruts and ghosts of Easters past when GRACE didn’t function in my brain the way it does now, I was just having a hard time being who I think I should be at Lent.

I’m glad that was hard.  You know, since they’re not very sharp, you don’t feel the hurt as much initially when hacking on oneself with cookie cutters – be it the woman of faith shaped one or the ideal you one or the best farm wife ever one – does she even exist?  No.  And because they’re blunt and small it’s much later when your exhausted and aggravated that you realize you don’t even like that cookie.

emma birds-3w

Thankfully the voice of GRACE and TRUTH came through from Laura.

So, I settled in for a Lent spent listening to the birds

emma birds-4w


…and it was better than I could have planned.

Emily Grace


Enjoying birdsong these past weeks has truly been a gift all the way around – right down to the photography work.  A young lady named Emma provided these bird pictures to me.  She’s a high school AP class taking family loving student – who takes time and her camera for nature walks.  This one habit of hers has her miles ahead of me at her age.  I think she must know about birdsong.




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