a story of Southern agriculture

on full

While in the Midwest visiting my in-laws, we eat most of our meals on the good china.

We even eat leftovers on the good china with the real silver.

It’s one of those things that makes you feel comfortable and special all at the same time. It’s a favorite small detail about my in-laws and their blend of Southern and Midwestern hospitality.


The good china also makes for interesting farm hand sitings.


I bet you didn’t know they can hold crystal with confidence and perfect ease.


And because these manly farm hands are connected to a real ham, they do this




After supper, when we clear the plates away and ready for cake and ice cream on the good china, the farm hands do something else with the glassware…but this won’t surprise you




You can judge a farmer by the consistency, quality and variety
you enjoy in your every day food choices.  We bring it.




Now, on the matter of the good china, you just can’t judge a farmer by his hands.

It’s better to gather more evidence – like how he interacts with his mama’s good china and how well he translates into formal dining rooms.


Observing my farmer in this setting really impressed me back in the day – that and at least 97 other little magnified details.

Sigh. Good memories. Now and then.


“There you go making my heart beat again…” (Sugarland)


I need an “I love my Farmer” bumper sticker. ;o)


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21 Responses to “on full”

  1. Katie

    Sup Hommie! Did you photoshop farmer hands? They look so pretty 😉 I like the bumper sticker idea too!


    • Emily Grace

      Ha! There’s grease traces on those hands. No editing it out – just a black and white filter for a little something different.


  2. Robyn

    Emily Grace,
    I don’t use the good China for everyday meals, but will bring them out for non-everyday occasions such as having neighbors over for supper, birthdays and holidays. I enjoy using the beautiful dishes to celebrate special people.

    Lovely thoughts and pictures.

    I hope you have a Happy Easter.


    • Emily Grace

      Hi Robyn,
      It’s important to have a way to shift into extra special – dishes are my preferred way to do that at meal times, too.

      And a very Happy Easter to you, too!


  3. Caitlin | The Siren's Tale

    This was such a sweet post 🙂 I love that Sugarland song and start belting it out at least once a weekend when my guy does something to remind me how much I love him.

    You definitely need a ‘I ❤ My Farmer' sticker!



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