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The Friday Favored: 6th edition

Here are a few more bits from around here that made the favorites.  Enjoy!


The Friday Favored: 6th edition


1.) Yeah, I read that:

Running for More

Spotting Bad Science

Learning to Grow Your Own

On being considerate of concerned consumers




2.) Spring calving season: ff41114-18 We’ve had an excellent calving season so far.  One mama and calf didn’t take to each other after the baby fell in the branch (steep-sided tributary to the creek that forms the eastern border of our property).  It’s a confusing experience for them, and by the time our A#1 farmhand was able to reunite them, it was too late for them to go forward together.


No worries!  We have horsey friends that help with our cattle herding needs – they took the calf to their house – with two daughters and mom on bottle duty the little calf will be porky and happy in no time.

And I didn’t have to make a single bottle!  Gosh, I love great neighbors. …and happily fed baby bovine!





3.) I got nothin’ like this: Literally, there’s not a Brahma mama anywhere on this place.  So, I borrow my Brahma from Happy Hump Day.  This week I put my head down on my desk and cried  – tears of pain and happiness from belly laughing so hard – when I read this story out of Mississippi.  It’s good medicine. Mississippi showmanship story



4.) My favorite hickory nut tree is showing me spring: ff41114-31


5.) When you’re nursin’ mama’s udder and you here somethin’ sputter… ff41114-23

Diarr…. Oops.  Was that tacky or what?  Sorry.  Buddy and I can be so juvenile when calving season is going smoothly and we’re just roaming the pastures.

In truth, the cows are not sick with the “d” – lush spring grass after a winter of dry hay just takes some adjusting to.  All’s well.


6.) Speaking of Buddy:

We’ve decided we really like Ranunculus.


The blooms are large and full, similar to a small rose.  The plant itself is an annual I picked up to give a pop of color in my herb pot (where the mint is quarantined).  I’m finding it likes heat well enough, doesn’t guzzle water, and enjoys a vase for several days before fading.


Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Best, Emily Grace

How was your week?

16 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 6th edition”

  1. Myla

    The picture of Buddy is sweet! I want to give him rubbin’s. And the pic of the calf with the… well, poo on him? HA!! Enjoy your weekend!


    • Emily Grace

      Ha! Too funny! True though – one gets “marked” sooner or later if around cattle much.

      Hope you are having good days, Anne! I really enjoyed your candid “In My Kitchen” post. I never can manage lemons in time – I have resigned myself to just buying the bottled lemon juice and being done with it. 🙂


  2. Robyn

    Emily Grace,
    I really like your first picture. Glad to hear calving is going good and spring has sprung in your area.

    I like the ranunculus too. Neat capture with Buddy.

    I enjoyed checking out some of the links you shared, Thank You.


  3. cdmiller07

    I now have two more blogs to follow, thanks to you! Loved the Spotting Bad Science reference and D.F.’s photo/poetry page. WIll go along great with my Poetry Daily app.



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