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The Friday Favored: 4th Edition

These are a few things that I want to remember because they just made my week.  I hope you enjoy. 🙂


The Friday Favored: 4th Edition

1.) Happy National Agriculture Day!

It was Tuesday, March 25, 2014.  Miraculously, I didn’t miss it entirely.  Thanks, Laurie, for keeping me CountryLINKed! 🙂



2.) We had twins on Tuesday!

twin cattle-1


The mama cow delivered them both without incident, but then a hormonal bull calf – not quite of weaning age – decided to try to breed her and ended up pummeling her calves, too.

Pheromones – he couldn’t handle them evidently.

So, my Farmer and one of our very-much-appreciated helpers moved the cow and calves to the barn lot.  They’ll have conveniently located food and water and plenty of protection from that bull calf.

Give the mamas what they need, we say!  This industry is built on good mamas…isn’t most of life?

We’ll be giving them their space for a few days, since their birth day was so traumatic.  I’ll get more close up pictures for you soon.


3.) If you’re gonna be a distractable farmhand, marry a good-looking man and carry your cell phone at all times:

When out checking cattle during spring calving season, it’s often muddy.


When I make it through a good bit of mud, the high accompanied with a successful run causes me to get a little distracted with the cool flippy screen of my snapshot camera and how it let’s me see around the edge of the 4×4 door frame without getting a crick in my neck.

See!  I’m not even straining to see behind me and document my mudding prowess progress!


Yeah, I really came through some deep stuff!
(Hey, that’s deep to me!  Mudding is not my natural habitat, but I do appreciate its charms.)


If I was facing forward for the next flooded spot this wouldn’t have happened…


I’m sorry, Buddy.



I know, this is like wearing the cone of shame, except this one’s on mama.  Yes, yes, I’m calling for a tractor.


<sigh>  And he doesn’t even complain about the interruption to his day.  Mmmh mmmm.



4.) My FWFF Katie taught me a sweet spot to scratch on the donkeys:

FWFF = farm wife friends forever.  Because, yes, we’re just that stuck in middle school…at least we are when it comes to appreciating a friend with matching shoes and a very similar mile. 🙂


The spot is just below the ears.  Maybe even a little higher than where my hand is in this photo.

The donkeys love it!



More! More!

I like being a better ear scratcher!


5.) Cookies:

I made a rare trip to Wal-Mart.  It’s just not typically on my way, and I’ve nearly been flattened in the parking lot thrice, so I avoid it.  But a friend was going and I was with the friend, so I tried to be brave.  Inside, I found an “only at Wal-Mart” cookie mix.

So, if I don’t buy this now, I can’t get it at Publix or Aldi or anywhere else?  <<parking lot flashbacks>>

I bought it.

I baked it.


Survey says:



Winter came back this week for a few days, but no matter – there’s just nothing like a little taste of root beer to get you ready for warmer weather. 


Emily Grace

Hope your week was lovely!  Do tell….


For the why of this Friday blog rut

For more Friday Favored…

19 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 4th Edition”

  1. Lisa

    Hope those twins and mama are able to relax in their new area. 🙂

    We’re dealing with lots of mud right now too. Ug. At least there’s always a big tractor somewhere to pull us out when we get stuck. 😉

    Have a great weekend.


    • Emily Grace

      Thx, Lisa! The mama broke thru a water gap in the barnlot creek and moved herself and the twins back out with the main herd. Nobody told her she could do that!(: Our horse friend will come move them to a smaller pasture soon so that we can feed her extra. But at least the hormonal bull calf isn’t tackling the twins now!


  2. Lisa

    Hope things continue to go well with calving season, too! Love the picture of your faithful dog in the muddy truck. 🙂


    • Emily Grace

      Thx! Buddy’s a truck riding fan and he likes to jog, too! You’d love his company…except he cheats a bit…cuts across the circle center, while I jog the circle drive perimeter, then he celebrates with a victory prance. Rotten!(;


  3. Katie

    FWFF!!! Love seeing the up-close shots of my donkey friends! So glad I could help bridge the equine gap for you as you have done for me with cows! Thanks for documenting getting stuck in the mud. It makes me want to get stuck in the mud and see what my David does? I remember my first drive checking cows, by myself, and it was muddy. It could have gotten interesting. Stanley Wells is being a better donkey because I gave him a stall. The event is now known as the great Gelding – Stall Exchange. I even had his feet trimmed yesterday and he didn’t sulk too much. It turns out he has a fondness for carrots. Talk soon! Be ready for your Birthday!


  4. lifecorked

    That mud looks fun! Reminds me of high school and doing stuff I shouldn’t have been doing – but it was fun! Also, those donkeys are CUTE – and of course the baby calves!


    • Emily Grace

      (: Take the better parts of memories and run, I say!

      These animals are like 3 year olds some days…if they weren’t so CUTE I’d have no hair left.(;


  5. Caitlin | The Siren's Tale

    Oh gosh… all that mud! I was cracking up reading about this park of your week. I get easily distracted and run into uh-oh moments because of it all the time; I love reading about others’!


  6. SJ

    I love the pure “farminity” of this post. 🙂 The events and the photos to represent them are just fantastic. I love how happy the donkeys look and Buddy’s “ugh, not again” expression. ha! Congrats on the twins and that amazing camera!


    • Emily Grace

      Thank you, SJ!

      Farminity – do describe this term in your words. I like it and would love to know how you think of it. 🙂



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