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You know, honesty is the best policy – making a blog week of National Agriculture Day


Truth is, as sure as you’re staring at good Georgia dirt in this picture, I missed the National Agriculture Day memo until first thing this week.  On Monday morning when Laurie Link’s blog post notice showed up in my email, I grasped my smart phone in over-achiever dismay – WHAAATTT???

Well, call me Tom and put me in a basket because I have seriously missed a major memo.  At least I’m CountryLINKed.

I claim general distractibility and I-don’t-do-Facebook as my go-to excuses. 🙂

After breathing slowly I pulled Laurie’s post up on my laptop and read.it.all.  It was about small steps in the journey to connecting with agriculture.  I breathed easier – leave it to Laurie to notify me of my cluelessness and disarm my achiever all in one well-chosen guest article.

I just have to meet Laurie in person some day.  Her blog tells me she’s talented and steady and delightful.

Go check out her ever timely and well done blog... and how you can take small steps toward agriculture.


Now, stick with me, because we’re going to continue through Monday and how to dig out of missing the memo for your entire industry’s national day.


YouTube videos are a great way to blog quickly and effectively if you choose wisely.  Watch first.  Then link.

  • For Tuesday – Right after YouTubing the Monday post, the neighbor kids came stampeding onto my deck.  They quite fortuitously (for their life experience and for my need of blog material) had noticed a calf just be born next to their housePRAISE BE!  They rushed back off my deck as quickly as they came and I lunged for my camera.

nat ag day-5

Mama Cow, I know you didn’t deliver right next to the house at the optimum moment just to get me out of a tight spot, but thank you for doing what you’re so good at and on a Monday morning no less!

  • For Wednesday – I thought I should do some blog confessing explaining, but I am quickly moving on to the more important parts like…

Did you know that National Agriculture Day is 41 years old?

This struggle to keep agriculture in public view and value is not new.  I think it’s easy for me to overlook how long the gap between farm and plate has been addressed and instead, focus too much on my age and stage in ag. Now that I’ve learned more about National Ag Day I’m feeling more connected with farming across decades, not just my decade in ag.  I’m glad to see what good work has been done and will be done.  I’m appreciative of this new perspective and I’m glad to be a part of bridging that gap.

Thank YOU for being here – reading at Beef & Sweet Tea – you are doing your part, too – consider yourself duly noted.  You.count.  You get it…

American Ag is a BIG DEAL: 


erin ehnle 2014 1

by: Erin Ehnle – Through the Lens of a Farm Girl

Erin Ehnle is really good at helping agriculture be seen and understood.  Her view comes – Through the Lens of a Farm Girl.  You can see more of her work and join the conversation at her Facebook page.


  • For Thursday – I’m thinking a little link loving is in order.
  • For Friday – So far, the Friday Favored has lots of pictures of farm life!  Hope you’ll stop by again then – cause you’re welcome here.


Best and not completely behind all week, 🙂
Emily Grace

8 Responses to “You know, honesty is the best policy – making a blog week of National Agriculture Day”

  1. countrylinked

    You, my dear, are fabulous! We do need to meet someday and I hope it will be soon. So glad I was on the ball this year and ready to go with blog posts for Ag Day/Week, especially if it inspired you! We do have a great industry full of diversity and new advances. I am excited to be a part of this great industry right now and love meeting others like you. So thank you E.G.!



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