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Who’s your Mama? Who’s your Farmer? – Happy National Agriculture Day


It’s rare that one of our cows gives birth near a crowd.  It’s even more rare that the crowd feels free to walk right up and observe the new little calf.  In fact, it’s so rare that I’ve never seen it happen like this in all my years here.

Until yesterday.

Then, today, March 25, 2014, is my first participation in National Ag Day – another day for crowds and curiosity and communication.

Normal left first thing Monday morning.  Maybe it will come back next week.

So, I decided to put off Pentax MX-1 posts for the week and take a few minutes to remind you that the agriculture world was foreign to me less than a decade ago and it still is some days.   Thankfully, farmers understand agriculture conversations are not your everyday.  If you feel awkward about where to start, don’t think you’re alone.  My experience is proof that connection to and even fluency in agriculture are not impossible or out of reach to those of us who always find ourselves on the consumer end of the industry.

…and though I do highly recommend hitching up with a good farming man,  connecting to agriculture doesn’t require matrimony 🙂


Let’s spend a few minutes of National Ag Day together at my farm:


So, who’s your mama, Baby Calf?  How do you find her?

We got mamas over here…

nat ag day-2


And mamas over there…

nat ag day-3


Mamas everywhere!

nat ag day-1

We have a sniffer.  That’s a good sign!

nat ag day-4

Licking is good, too!

nat ag day-5

Ya know, ya don’t lick amniotic fluid off random calves.

nat ag day-6

I think we have cow/calf pair!


Yea!  No bottle feeding required!


First steps can be hard…

nat ag day-8


nat ag day-9

nat ag day-10

nat ag day-12
…backing up and correcting before moving forward can be especially strenuous.

nat ag day-13

nat ag day-14

But, beginnings are that way in most aspects of our lives – relationships/circumstances/jobs.

Wobbly little calves remind me of my induction into the agriculture world

Next, the little guy worked on nursing.  The crowd had cleared by this point – about 45 minutes post birth.

 nat ag day-15

nat ag day-16

Baby calf, you’re definitely in the ballpark.  Just a little lower.

nat ag day-17a

He looks so determined and focused on those udders.  So cute!

What do you think, Tom?

nat ag day-18

You think breakfast is gonna happen for that new baby soon?

nat ag day-19


I think Tom went hunting – the mere mention of food sends his fluffiness into action.

Thanks for hanging out with us – Happy National Agriculture Day!  We’re glad to be your farmer.

Best from the Farm,
BoB, my Farmer, Buddy Dog, Tom Gray, et al down on the farm.

National Agriculture Day is led by the Agriculture Council of America

*ACA believes that every American should:

  • Understand how food and fiber products are produced.
  • Appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant and affordable products.
  • Value the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy.
  • Acknowledge and consider career opportunities in the agriculture, food and fiber industry.

*Their own words about their core values, etc.  They don’t know me or Tom, but we sure do appreciate their work.


For those of you who just can’t not ask…Who’s your daddy?

nat ag day-7

Maybe he’s that Hereford.  Though he bears no visual resemblance to the calf, he’s one of three or four options from last summer’s breeding season.  Remember cattle gestate for about 9 months, too.

14 Responses to “Who’s your Mama? Who’s your Farmer? – Happy National Agriculture Day”

  1. Anne @ Life in Mud Spattered Boots

    What great scenes to capture. Seems like everyone crowded around to see what the excitement was about but soon got bored and wandered off. I’m glad she claimed her calf – do you think she was taken by surprise when she dropped it?


    • Emily Grace

      Thanks, Anne!

      I don’t know for sure, but I think everyone was surprised. There was such a tangible sense of surprise amongst the cattle. It’s her second calf, so she’s no amateur. Maybe they were all just celebrating. 🙂


  2. Katie

    All salute the Spring Calf!!! Maybe? Love seeing that big Hereford in the background! Great capture. The little calf’s expression when looking around is hilarious!


    • Emily Grace

      Indeed it is… not meaning to provoke stocking density envy (; …we can raise a cow/calf pair on 1.5-2.5 acres depending on the year (weather) around here.

      But we don’t have your gorgeous prairie views.

      Thanks for stopping by SDC!


  3. Myla

    What a neat series of photos. And perfect for Ag Day too! I hope Momma and Baby are doing well today!


  4. No More Mystery Meat

    Reblogged this on nomoremysterymeat and commented:
    Here is a fellow blogger I found that I want you all to take a look at. Part of having a conversation about the food we feed our children is having to understand the world of agriculture and where our food is produced. This blogger could not have said it any better. Who is your farmer?



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