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The Friday Favored: 3rd edition

These are a few things that just made my week.

The Friday Favored: 3rd edition


1.) I revisited camera shopping:

It’s almost as wonderful as the first go around – minus the rush of excitement that comes with the actual purchase.  I must say the satisfaction of having made a big purchase and being thoroughly pleased with it months later, absolutely pleased to make the exact same choice again, is a thrill all its own.

You’d think I was a farmer buying a new implement – boy, do they ever make thrice sure the purchase is the purchase to be made.  It’s a worthy consumer trait. 🙂


2.) They said it well:


3.) Culinar-ily:

We had Slow Cooker Parmesan Ranch Mushrooms earlier this week with venison burgers.  Tiffany over at www.EatAtHomeCooks.com is my main go-to-lady for meal time ideas.  Each summer she compiles lists of slow cooker ideas – this recipe is one she shared from Dori.

Because I didn’t want to go to the store – never mind my farm is a mere 10 minutes from Target and Starbucks and a packet of ranch dressing mix.  Not wanting to go to town and not planning ahead sometimes collide.  Thankfully, there’s the Internet and a zealous amount of spices around here.



4.) The world needs more animal therapy:


Are you the donkey or the draft horse?  Are you braying or dishing out the ultimate pasture discipline?

Not only do I ignore you…I ignore you and have a snack…you will view my hindquarters until you can behave better!

`Twas appropriate.  The Napoleon complex of small donkeys is monumental.


5.)Have a great weekend:

lybrands-1 quote


Emily Grace

4 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 3rd edition”

    • Emily Grace

      New life in spring is an appreciated encouragement. :)! We have 5 new babies so far this calving season. They start as a trickle and then a bunch come at once and then it tapers off at the end of the season.



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