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The Friday Favored: 2nd edition

These are a few things that just made my week.  I hope you enjoy and do share about your week in the comments if you like.

The Friday Favored: 2nd edition

1. my Farmer says:

Two baby calves were born this week!…and he didn’t have to help!…subsequently, neither did I!!

Praise be.

Therefore, parturition being so flawless this week, he finished our new barn wood kitchen countertop.  Because he’s just that awesome…when the bovine shenanigans don’t demand his attention.

Their demands carry more weight than my kitchen countertop project…about 1000 pounds worth. 


barn wood countertop-2

Not a hint of bovine shenanigans throwing their weight around anywhere near this gorgeous barn wood countertop…except for that sirloin we ate last night. 😉


2. They said it well:

  • Robyn over at The Ranch Wife Chronicles went into detail about calving book terminology.
    Why should I rewrite the information when it’s already been written so well?
    Have a look at her post – there are laughs involved.  It’s true – postpartum is a bonafied bovine shenanigan.
  • Dara doesn’t watch Tyler Perry films.  I may have parked in the comment section of this one.  There are all sorts of enjoyable, thought-inducing reads here.
  • Jent was aggravated by an FFA Advisor – I trust her understanding of the context of the comment enough to feel a bit of aggravation over it and to appreciate her response.


3. HAIR:
I find all sorts of good ideas at Kristen’s Taming Rapunzel blog.  This week I tried this updo:

taming rapunzel

My hair is shorter, brunette and straight, but it did this just fine, and it was so much simpler to do than it looks.

I also like a Messy French Twist guest post at her site.  I never thought I’d see the day that 5 large pins would hold all my hair in place all day with comfort and snugness like a ponytail holder…but oh so much more style.  Thanks for Taming Rapunzel, Kristen!


4. Southern Whereabouts:
Last week we wondered about where this lovely stained glass lives:


It’s at the train station in Montgomery, Alabama.



5. my Farmer suggests reading:

Drovers Magazine is a staple cattle industry publication around here.  In the January 2014 edition there is an article about allergies to meat: Are you allergic to your ribeye?

In this article, author Suzanne B. Bopp briefly explains and explores a beef and pork allergy caused by ticks.  It’s a fast and informative read.


The weekend is looking lovely with some rain on Sunday…I love a good rain on Sunday.  Hope you have a good one with spring showers and late winter naps for all!

Emily Grace

How was your week?

9 Responses to “The Friday Favored: 2nd edition”

  1. SJ

    Hi, Emily Grace! I really love this sneak peak into your week. This series is a great collection of such diverse thoughts and awesome links. I am now determined to try more than just a pony tail with my crazy mane, thanks to Taming Rapunzel.


    • Emily Grace

      Hi SJ!

      Taming Rapunzel was made for hair like yours! Can’t wait to see what you try!

      Thank you for your feedback! I am enjoying the Friday post very much. And I like diverse – it’s like eclectic – a nicer way to say I’m a bit random. 🙂


  2. Katie

    DAFFODILS!!!! I simply cannot make it happen that they enter my home. I need to forage. I am excited to see kitchen wood. I would be more excited to see the entire kitchen 🙂 great blog post! I am going to check out those other sites! Monday to do list for you: get on Instagram!
    Look up Edible Garden on youtube – I am in love and want to be her. So I planted my greens on Saturday. FWFF!!


    • Emily Grace

      I know! Daffodils are just great. The kitchen would love to have you over – it likes to be bragged on. 🙂

      I am working on Istagram today – because you said so. 🙂 Heading over to Edible Garden….:)fwff!


  3. Adela

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    lovers however this paragraph is really a nice paragraph,
    keep it up.



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