a story of Southern agriculture

Pentax MX-1 …if you like this image then…

…then you may also like this Pentax MX-1 wider view of a neighborly image

snow helpers-5

And, maybe, this more zoomed Pentax MX-1 new year one, too.


Really, though, I want to share more close up doughnut footage with you.  This is for all you cream-filled doughnut lovers…


…with the chocolate milk to wash it down of course!…


Now I’m hungry!  These pictures are pretty and provocative…and I took them with a snapshot camera.

Forget the camera, you say?

Where did I get the doughnuts? 

No problem.  I have similar priorities!

Over the winter we cruised a bit of Arkansas and found this jewel of bakery goodness.  


Lybrand’s Bakery & Deli – Pine Bluff, Arkansas

There’s something just right about lifting a light snapshot camera with one hand, clicking, and voila – a gorgeous picture of a delicious doughnut – background creamily blurred, doughnut colorful and sharp.

– my eye doth sing!


– my shoulder (and theft vigilance) doth relax!…knowing I left the tiring bigger more expensive “nicer” camera at home while my Farmer and I traveled the South.  We didn’t miss anything with the littler camera.

I know you can’t tell I’m enthused about this Pentax camera, but truth be told it has become a deeply loved favorite.  So, after you asked about my photography equipment, I decided to start answering with this sweetest little snapshot camera…

Because y’all probably assume there’s a big dSLR somewhere on the premises doing all the photo work and that it would be complicated for you to shoot similar images OR way too expensive.

Au contraire.

I used to think that, too.  So, I’m going spend a post or six talking about souped-up snapshot cameras and why you could love one, too.

Meet the Pentax MX-1.

Excellent capability.  Optimally arranged controls.  About $250.  Go get your own!…or at least tune in for part 2 next week when I go into more detail with my MX-1.

Emily Grace

For more Pentax MX-1 Raves

12 Responses to “Pentax MX-1 …if you like this image then…”

  1. Katie

    Hey! Maybe I should ask for this for my birthday! WOW! Super fly! I mean, don’t you think at some point I will need to upgrade from a iPhone pics to something with my pixels?


    • Emily Grace

      LOL You can upgrade whenever you like, but your iPhone pics/videos will still be legendary…you just have a good eye and way with animals. 🙂


  2. Myla

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been eying a ‘big, fancy’ camera, but this has me thinking otherwise. I can’t wait to read more about about this little doll!


    • Emily Grace

      This Pentax MX-1 is truly a gem. I have had several dSLRs – currently a Canon 60D – and though these more expensive cameras have their place, if I needed to choose one piece of photography equipment to keep out of my entire line up, I would keep the Pentax MX-1 or similar snapshot.

      Thanks for stopping by, Myla! I am looking forward to sharing weekly about this camera for the next few weeks.


  3. Steve

    I have a Pentax MX-1 along with a number of DSLRs. The MX-1 is so good that I find that I sometimes reach for it rather than one of the DSLRs.


    • Emily Grace

      I agree, Steve. It’s quite useful and user friendly. The images have an appeal straight out of camera that I don’t get with my dSLR. Why do you think this is?



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