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The Friday Favored – the beginnings of a blog rut

It’s time for this online space to join the throng of alliterated, day specific, topic prompting, thought narrowing, honorable mentioning, link partying, rut creating blog post series.

Because a rut is not as bad as it sounds.  It feels safe and doable.  More importantly it allows the mind to wonder whilst one does a repetitive task.

Since my mind is going to wonder anyhow and in order to be kind to my inner achiever – I think a review of the positive things I encountered and accomplished this week will be a proficient way to close the week.

I like review sessions.  Rarely missed one in college.  It’s so satisfying to assure oneself that, indeed, I was here and present and valuable this week – even if all I want to do is raise my hand and excuse myself today.

In life and work, feeling proficient at the end of the week is important since you’re not allowed to hide in the restroom until the bell rings.  Somebody will go hungry if you hide in the third stall on the left.  We are not into hunger around here.

I think a Friday rut is something I can look forward to.  I should call it Friday autopilot – there’s value in the altitude associated with this analogy – overlooking the week.  Yes, I like you Friday rut – I’m going to enjoy feeling productive AND scattered eclectic simultaneously.

My heart loves Friday.  My brain can now look forward to it.



And so it begins…

The Friday Favored – 1st edition

1. The Coyotes Are Back: Not that they ever left over the winter.  They’re just more out and about enjoying the warmth that comes with the end of winter.

mar714 coyote

I snapped this from my back deck after Buddy alerted me that a critter was afoot within reach of his sight and sniffer.  Good boy. 

It’ll be calving season again in a week or so – the coyotes will know this soon enough.  Time to clean the rifle and load Buddy in the truck – he’s good company and loves riding shotgun on the counter terrorism patrol.

truck psa-1



2. On Blogging: I’m a reluctant blogger  some days like Emily at The Waiting mentions.  Most of the post is about negotiating personal identity after taking on the role of parent.  There are some lovely expressions about writing there, as well as perspective on personal growth in any role that absorbs your life.


She writes, “But writers sell a little bit of themselves every time they put some words out there…”

I don’t know that I’d call myself an official writer, but it’s always a pleasure to read something and feel understood…it’s cheaper than counseling but of cost to the writer.  I think Emily expresses well the questions one asks oneself before clicking “Publish”.  Thank you, Emily.


3. I Finished Something: We’re creating a kitchen countertop out of barn wood.  This week I sanded and oiled the planks so that my Farmer can mount them properly this weekend.  Dry, dirty, splintery wood became smooth, mostly clean and deliciously rich toned.

barn wood countertop comparison



4. Another Farmer’s Post: Lisa over at Cow Spots and Tales wrote a thoughtful post about her faith and her generation.
I might be old-fashioned to believe as I do. I’m okay with that. I would rather be old fashioned than unbelieving. I don’t want to let bitterness or pain or evil or whatever-you-call-it stop me from noticing all the goodness and blessings God still pours into this busy, modern world.”


5. Southern Whereabouts?:  Did you notice the stained glass picture featured at the top of this post?

Here it is again…


Where and what is it?
Here’s a hint or two:
Hey, Good Lookin’ architecture – they didn’t build you as tall but I think you must have a Parisian cousin.  I wonder if Zelda noted your similarity whilst living in Europe or maybe crossing the Brooklyn Bridge?  I wonder if Zelda knew she would make Southern high school required reading lists?


Here’s hoping you had a great week!

Do tell me about it in the comments if you’re so inclined!

And of course, let me know if you figure out the Southern geo quiz. 🙂

Emily Grace

41 Responses to “The Friday Favored – the beginnings of a blog rut”

  1. Lisa

    I like having a weekly post to fall back on. Currently for me it’s my “spot of the week.” Sometimes it’s just plain hard to know what to say. Thanks for featuring my post here, too !


  2. The Waiting

    Hi Emily Grace! Thank you so much for including a link to my post here. It means a lot to me. I like your attitude on ruts; next time I find myself in one, I’m going to take the pressure off and enjoy it a little more ;D


    • Emily Grace

      You’re so welcome, Emily. My pleasure.

      I hope your new approach to your next rut is enjoyable! I figure they’re going to happen anyhow – and like a little boredom can bring genius – maybe a little well-maintained rut can affirm and chronicle in fine fashion!

      I enjoy your blog. 🙂 Take care, Emily Grace


  3. Life in the Wylde West

    Hey I see my friend Caitlin up there! Thank you again for following my blog and I’m here to say, you are a writer, a real good one! I love your accomplishments too, sanding and all and I hope we get to see the finished product. I’m so excited to follow your blog.

    Love your new friend


    • Emily Grace

      Thanks, Tracie. I appreciate your kind visit over here!

      I’m just about to post this week’s Friday Favored – more barn wood countertop pics included!



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