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Makin’ Garden

Makin’ garden: a phrase referring to the combination of tasks resulting in a garden that is prepared and planted.  It is an affectionate phrase that indicates the comfort and appreciation taken from interaction with soil, plants and the glory of things that bloom where planted.

Makin’ garden thoughts are happy thoughts.

…like how one might think on makin’ chocolate chip cookies. 

Today whilst I was thinking on happy garden thoughts I looked out the window and saw the rain had shifted to snow flurries – March 3 and it was 70 degrees yesterday.

I know it’ll be cold a while longer down South here – but after being pelted with a harsher winter, I was fully ready to accept 60-70 degree days indefinitely.

Thankfully, Promenade Claire posted about An English Cottage Garden this morning and it has thrilled my late winter blues into more colorful thoughts.

In other words it addressed my late winter chapped nose, cold feet, damp chill, overcast day=overcast outlook longing for color and warmth.

Should you be experiencing similar days – or if you simply enjoy a lovely garden vista – I highly recommend her post.  It has colorful images, history, beauty and modern perspective like this…


garden-1 quote b

Be warm.
Be dry.
Be imaginative.

Emily Grace

6 Responses to “Makin’ Garden”

  1. Promenade Claire

    Happy to have helped with the inspiration for your post 🙂 and I hadn’t come across the expression “makin’ Garden” before so that’s a treat too – mind you I’m not sure I can say it properly with my English accent!



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