a story of Southern agriculture

Basket Case

So, what’d you do last weekend?

The spring time weather down South here was lovely.  Yes, it was back down in the 20s at night this week, but the warmth of last weekend was a welcomed flirtation with spring.

By the way, farmers don’t mind to flirt a bit with spring.   Anticipation and enthusiasm lighten their steps.  I even know one who will picnic on the front 40 with me and Buddy.

Yes, it was a glorious late winter weekend – and we purged spiders.

I hinted at the emotional and psychological trauma burden loathsome experience here.

While swatting and cringing – mostly I cringed – this is what Tom did.


Because being a porch kitty on a porch where random attic things have been unloaded…



…is evidently overwhelming to his stamina.

I’d tease him for not participating more, but his primary roles here at the farm are

  1. to catch mice and
  2. to lower my blood pressure.

He does the former from 7p to 7a when the mice are scurrying about the barns and the latter from 7a to 7p when I’m up and about.

I have to respect the nature of his schedule.


After all, a fluffy, snuggly porch ornament in the midst of chaos and arachnids was a nice change of scenery.  I guess this basket case was right on schedule.

How do your fuzzy friends help you through your days?

Emily Grace

9 Responses to “Basket Case”

  1. lifecorked

    I LOVE him! My kitties are my little shadows and bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. And, they definitely help lower my blood pressure! They are my true therapy cats!


  2. Katie

    Happy Cat brings all of the happiness to me. However sometimes he can’t be found and that is so depressing. He visits the lonely neighbors void of cat love. Your Tom cat is awesome! I love his nose 🙂 Seriously – he likes to sleep on his back? My donkey used to bring me love but now he is sullen because I gelded him. I wonder if he will ever forgive me? I think I will get out of bed now and go visit my FarmWife herd. Love you FWFF!!!


    • Emily Grace

      You need a tracking collar on that kitty. 🙂

      Yes, Tom sleeps on his back and in all manner of odd positions – he is part toddler, part lap dog and part feline, but not fickle.

      S-dub will never forget you had him gelded, but maybe he will forgive you…some day. ;o)

      Farmwife herd – ha! I’m going to use that one – what a look I’ll get when I claim that my little herd of free-loading, therapy-giving, cuddly livestock are an actual herd.

      Love you, too, dear.:o)


  3. Promenade Claire

    Hi there Emily Grace, so pleased to have found you, and of course Tom! cats just make me smile, it’s been a while since I had one, and I have many, many happy memories of cats curled up in the oddest of places, locations or rather on top of things. Hours of entertainment for me 🙂



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