a story of Southern agriculture

Minnesota Pork Producers Invade Southern Farm

And what a welcome invasion it was!

Last autumn, not long after starting this blog, I won a prize from Minnesota Farm Living.  I rarely win anything, so I wasn’t sure it was for real, but Wanda, the blogger behind MFL, assured me that I was a winner and she sent my prize promptly via mail.


My very own container of Martin County Magic.

This was no sample size either…


…okay, maybe it wasn’t half the size of Buddy, but it wasn’t skimpy either.  The volume you see in this picture is after a generous use on pork chops.

Speaking of pork chops – I stopped by my grocery store and picked up a package of nice thick dinner chops for my Martin County Magic test drive – not the thin breakfast ones, though I’m sure the MCMagic would be good at breakfast, too.

I gave them a good sprinkle and rub with the MCMagic and broiled them in my Farmer’s Delonghi countertop oven and rotisserie.

He asked for a Delonghi for Christmas – he was enticed by the rotisserie feature.

Or maybe I added it to his Christmas list when he wasn’t looking…because my list was full…

seasoning-2…would I do something like that, Buddy?  No, no, of course not. 😉

The MCMagic cooked up deliciously.  We were too hungry to snap a photo for you, but MCMagic footage can be seen here.

With all this talk of pork I’ve realized I haven’t even posted on my favorite beef cuts and seasonings yet.


No, not at all.  It’s okay to talk about the other proteins first.

We don’t pick on the other proteins, y’all.  That would be unkind and unprofessional and ungrateful.

So, pass the pork chops, ribs, loin, bacon, sausage patties, sausage links, little smokies, hotdogs….


…and even cold dogs guarding seasoning on the back deck in the dead of winter because tastiness at supper is really important.

Here’s to Minnesota (and all) Pork Producers and their delicious ways of accentuating their protein…approved by Farmer, BoB and Buddy Dog.*


*Nope, I’ve not been paid to say this, and neither has Buddy, though he did insist on being in the photo shoot, since he liked the pork chop nibbles we let him have.  Wanda didn’t even ask for a review.  I’m just a Southern woman who likes pork chops and spices and how blue labels pop against the wintery landscape.

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17 Responses to “Minnesota Pork Producers Invade Southern Farm”

    • Emily Grace

      Yum, for sure!

      I believe you when you say you can tell these things. After all, you have the donkey that rope dances…flaunts with ropes…however one can describe such behavior. And, then there’s happy cat…who shares selfies on social media.:o)


  1. MNGobbleGal

    This post made me smile! Wanda not only is a fantastic blogger of all things pork, but she is one of the nicest people I know! 🙂



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