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So you played in the snow…

Here’s a compilation of YOUR Southern snow pictures from this week!…

From Lauren at Paint the Town Ag

snow 14-27

snow 14-36

Oh, dear, Lauren.  You make really pretty farm babies, and I just love unrolling hay cores – such fun.

In other words, that picture is not good birth control for me.  Are you in cahoots with my mother, Lauren?  `Fess up. ;o)

snow 14-35



From the parental units – southern and midwestern

snow 14-38

snow 14-32

snow 14-29

snow 14-28



From my brothah

snow 14-24

snow 14-23

snow 14-22

snow 14-21w

snow 14-25

I’m not supposed to have favorites, I know, but I have to say, my brother thrilled me with his submissions.

These two are favorites.

snow 14-34



From friends-like-fam in the Deep South

snow 14-30

Opelika, Alabama  – iced shrubbery in the neighborhood.  Thanks, Marcia!

snow 14-31

snow 14-37

Tifton, Georgia – icicles well below the gnat line!  Thanks, Michelle!

snow 14-33

New Roads, Louisiana – the garden at St. Pauls Holy Trinity Church.

Wow, never thought I’d see snow there! 

Thanks for sharing, Peggy!

From my dear Farm Wife Friend, Katie…this is our life!

Feed Love

Feed Love

Status: sad donkey

Status: sad donkey



There’s nothing like the feeling of a whole herd hunting you down.  Even the truck doesn’t feel cow-proof when the ground is covered in snow.

Cattle just act more desperate when the ground is covered in snow.  It may not even be super cold, but they want their hay!

Leave the food, take the truck

Leave the food, take the truck

Please!  Don’t!  We’ll give you all the feed you want, just don’t wipe cold snot on Katie!

From my Farmer

snow 14-26

It seems that the best things about this weather – since he can’t change it – are  fleece-lined jeans and insulated boots.



The forecast says we may be getting more snow.  May it melt by noon, like it usually does. 🙂

Emily Grace

9 Responses to “So you played in the snow…”

  1. Lauren

    Thanks for PaintTheTownAG picture showcase! You did a great job of showcasing southern snow pics – I love the donkeys!

    p.s. If you KNEW Trouble 1 and Trouble 2 like I do, you would have no problem with that birth control, trust me. 😉



  2. cdmiller07

    AH! I just love the photos that you post. Makes me feel guilty for not getting out and taking any for quite some time. Great work!


    • Emily Grace

      Thank you! But hey, enjoying photography vicariously is nothing to feel guilty about. I look forward to seeing some of your shots in the future!



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