a story of Southern agriculture

Iced Magnolias

It’s not a new rock band.

It’s just the way things were down South this week.

-2º here at the farm.

frozen jan 2013-3

I cannot imagine colder circumstances.

I like mild winters.

I’m no Lisa battling the H2Obstacle. – watering is harder than feeding, I think, in freezing temperatures – whether you’re feeding herds or pets or giraffes.  It’s quite a large hurdle this trying to facilitate drinking water all winter long.


Lisa, I love milk, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, cheddar, swiss, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, heavy cream, half n half…  Thanks for your hard work!

Down here, the lows are unremarkable and the highs are in the 40s and 50s for the next week.  Word on the pasture is bellies are full, bodies are hydrated and all’s well.

frozen jan 2014-2

Tom says there’s nothing a little sunshine and extra food can’t fix in his world.
The cows agree, but I didn’t venture that far from the house earlier this week.
I’m just taking my Farmer’s word for it…and his word is good.

Emily Grace

How did you fare in the frigid weather?

13 Responses to “Iced Magnolias”

    • Emily Grace

      There’s nothing wrong with that! I did the same.

      We have two excellent farm hands these days, so I did not have to venture out to feed cattle. I thought about going out to knock icicles off the donkeys, but my Farmer said they were doing fine. So, Buddy dog and I stayed in.


  1. Lauren

    Emily Grace –
    Love this fun post (and fun title!) We fed twice a day to make sure the ladies had plenty to eat. It’s creeping up to the 40s this weekend. Woo hoo! Heat wave!


  2. Lisa

    Thanks for the link & kind comments, Emily. I’m sure the cold of -2 was wretched for you. At least up north we have all the gear to prepare for it, but I would imagine you’re not as well-equipped for below zero. Hope things stay mild for awhile!


    • Emily Grace

      You’re exactly right, Lisa. We just aren’t ready for any extended cold like that. Thankfully, the temperature was up to more manageable levels the very next day and the cows were fine. Some pipes weren’t, but all’s well with the herd. 🙂


  3. Katie

    I was right out in it making sure I had done everything possible for my horses. I am still thawing – it needs to be 80 before things will be right again. But all my animals survived and I am just so thankful for hot water in a barn. It is a must do for a horse-lover. Oh that and a heated tack room. Otherwise I would not be typing this to you right now 🙂


  4. Robyn

    We are lucky that South Dakota had a break from the extreme cold. Unfortunately we had extreme wind. Sunny blue skies with no wind and single digit temperatures is better than 50 mph winds with gusts over 70.

    I am not a fan of cold weather, but am learning to tolerate it better. I may never like the wind.

    Hope things continue to go well for you in the south.


    • Emily Grace

      Hi Robyn! Thanks for stopping by.

      My family in Kansas says, “we bless the wind in the summer and curse it in the winter.” It does seem quite relentless when I’ve experienced it. I don’t think I could learn to really like it all the time and maybe not at all. I agree, though, strong wind makes winter weather hard on the livestock and caretakers. Hope you are staying warm! We’re back down to single digits today, but they don’t have a negative in front of them, so we are pleased!




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