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Receipt: Christmas in the Country 2013

We hope you had a Merry Christmas in the country or in the city and happy holidays all around.

Today I’m posting in anticipation of linking up with the other 24 participants in

Christmas in the Country

Jamie from This Uncharted Rhoade and Laurie from Country LINKed did a marvelous job coordinating and hosting Christmas in the Country.  This was really an excellent event.

Thanks so much, ladies!

My gift came from Jent at From My Front Porch.

Note: for Christmas in the Country, we listed some information about our likes and dislikes – it was very general, but still personal.  How specifically delightful Jent’s gifts were to me is more than I put on that page. 

It’s the tangibly intangible side of opening her package that has me smiling still. 

Jent couldn’t have known I was not decorating my tree

…because I couldn’t find my Christmas decorations…

…because our home has been in various states of a remodel for 18 months because we’re indecisive and overbooked with other jobs and just real special that way. ..

…because I didn’t WANT to find my Christmas decorations…

…because last summer we had a bit of a brown recluse spider problem, which makes all my nice organized plastic bins look a bit too much like spider habitat right now.  I’m sure I’ll get over it by next Christmas.  But for this Christmas, I set my prelit tree on my back deck for a day or two in freezing temperatures so any spiders hiding in it would die…

…I was not about to look for much less open an ornament box.

Jent couldn’t have known about all this or that a heifer helped me break a toe – in three places…one toe…how can this be? – just before the holidays.

I do mean a bonafide bovine heifer.

I’m telling you I was having a Christmas in the country like no other.  Thankfully, Jent sent these merry bits to balance out my holiday!

christmas in the country-4

christmas in the country-5

Did you notice it’s personalized with my blog name!  Wow!…she tipped my happy scale in favor of jolly for my holiday!

I am so remembering this next year.  What a great gift for a housewarming or a newlywed couple…or a farmwife on the edge. :o)

Jent says she first found this craft project over at Kelly’s blog, Old Blue Silo.

christmas in the country-1

The are 9 ornaments and they vary in size and shape, but coordinate just right with different patterns of twine inside.

As if that wasn’t enough…christmas in the country-2

Dark chocolate with almonds!

Oh my heart, it sangeth. 

Sang twice before noon yesterday, actually.

Yes, chocolate for brunch!

And, umm, there was a lot more chocolate in the box, but I ate a lot of it before I took these pictures.  It was all Dove almond dark chocolate, and it was all good.  I’d say I’m sorry I ate before photographing, but I’m not going to lie to you like that. ;o)

While I’m being honest, I’ll just go ahead and tell you the ornament photos were taken after Christmas, too, as in after I undecorated the tree…

…because when I received Jent’s gift I promptly put them on the tree while chomping down on chocolate!

Jent, thank you so much for putting a bit of wonder back in my Christmas!  I know you didn’t know…you were just participating and giving your best.

But isn’t it amazing how living like that any day, but especially as we celebrate Jesus’ birth, can just create all sorts of joy and hope, leaving smiles in our wake as we toodle along through our days. 

Thank you, thank you, three bags full, Jent.

Emily Grace


Gift: Christmas in the Country 2013 – what I gave.


24 Responses to “Receipt: Christmas in the Country 2013”

    • Emily Grace

      Hi Anne! Once the link-up is posted all in one place, we’ll get to see everyone’s gifts. From what I’ve seen so far, there were delightful and delicious things passed around!


  1. countrylinked

    LOVE!! What a wonderful idea and how perfect that she used one of Kelly’s ideas from her blog. Great job Jent! I also like dark chocolate…………….:)


  2. J. Rhoades

    Oh my goodness – what a blessing her package seemed to be! Just the right timing and exactly what you needed as well! This makes my heart SOOO happy to know that one little idea in my head has led to so much happiness! Thank you so much for joining the swap and for sharing your goodies! You can link it up here – and hopefully see everyone else’s as well! Thanks again!



  3. Kelly Whiteman Snipes

    Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about putting a smile on a girl’s face. I am honored that Jent used my idea but even double honored that she used my idea to make another person’s day. I just love her to pieces. You are one lucky gal! What a wonderful gift.

    And EEK! Brown recluse? MULTIPLES?! GAHH!! I hope they all DIE, DIE, DIE a cold, bitter death!


    • Emily Grace

      Hi Kelly! So glad you commented. I, too, have enjoyed the little blog chain of events that led to my delightful ornament set. It’s come full circle now. 🙂

      You have me grinning with your response to the spiders. Everyone else seems to have tactfully skirted that topic…I mean who wants to talk about it? But, I’ve decided that these reclusive arachnids like my house because it’s so peaceful here (similar to how lice likes clean hair, right? I’m feelin’ no shame), and some day, I may even blog the pests. Until then, I’m just glad to have your blessing that they can all die…the cold, bitter part is not so comfy right now. I wasn’t expecting single digit weather down South here, but I’m okay with it. “Kelly sent this from the Midwest to kill our spiders” is what I keep telling Buddy dog. He likes your strategy. Cold weather invigorates the layers of Labrador chub and love of cold early morning hunts. ;o)


  4. Robyn

    That is a great gift and project idea! Thanks for sharing Kelly and Jent’s crafty project.

    Love that Jent took the time to put your blog name on the ornaments.

    Chocolate is usually a safe bet and always fun!



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