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Scrutiny – a sort of…ahem…hindsight

The holidays, 2013 and fall calving are all coming to an end this week.

Of course you are living the same, even the calving season part since you’re here visiting at Beef and Sweet Tea.

All the cows and calves have done really well, except the calf the coyotes ate.

Sorry, there’s no easy way to review the tough parts of any year.

Overall, the farm is doing well, and we’re looking forward to a quiet winter of feeding cattle. We’ll revisit calving topics in March.

For today, we’re just pleased to reflect on 2013.


Thou hast not reflected sufficiently until thou hast endured the stare of an inquisitive mind…he looketh beyond the surface…


Scrutiny, thy name is Donkey.
What dost thou see beneath the surface?…what be the bulges and burdens of 2013 memory?…joy? fear? greener grasses? droughts of any sort? curry combs and comfort carrots?


For each of us 2013 was a year of unique and usual opportunity and challenge just like any year.

In the end, we’re inclined to share a smile of satisfaction, relief and hopeful expectation…



…and wish you the same as you enjoy the last day of the year.



Emily Grace

5 Responses to “Scrutiny – a sort of…ahem…hindsight”

    • Emily Grace

      Hi Katie!
      This is my sort of miniature donkey. He has a lot of names. You can imagine with expressions like that he just provokes people to name him. 🙂 Francisco, Cookie, Carrot, etc. You came name him, too, if you want!
      Happy New Year to you, too!!



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