a story of Southern agriculture

Hillbilly Holiday Travel…

Are you traveling South or in the South or around the South or wish you could head South for the winter holidays?

We know.  It’s just better down here. ;o)

You’ll be expecting some hospitality while en route.  How about a little Hillbilly Tea to wet your whistle long about Louisville, Kentucky?



My friend, Katie, enjoyed this stop while roaming the South with her farmer recently.

Great composition in this pic, Katie.  You even included the wedding ring on your farmer.  Taken ladies.  He is so taken. 

And the hillbilly refreshment is taken well, too.

Safe Travels, enjoy the hospitality,
Emily Grace


And, thanks to FWF (farm wife friend) Katie for the pic.  Since my blogging is just not there yet this holiday season, I’ve needed a bit o’help.

Katie is very helpful…remember she texted her very comfortable, freedom enjoying lone rider pic back at Veteran’s Day.  I was so impressed by her texted picture prowess that I now hoard her pics for the purpose of rescuing myself on days I need to blog but won’t…unless I have a stash of these pics.

I confess – I like blogging Katie’s pictures.  It’s easy, it’s something different for me, it’s easy…

…so, I like a bit of enablement here and there.  It’s nothing chronic…yet.

I think I want more blog ease enablers…

Send me something delightful or interesting.  You can reach me via the contact page if you don’t have my email.



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