a story of Southern agriculture

Calving Season Commercial Break – what this farm wife likes

In the hot humid South, autumn means a drier existence.

Drier than June when you begin wondering why you bother wearing make up.

Drier than July when you stop wearing make up.

Drier than August when you wonder why clothing is required in your highly developed culture.

You’d think somebody would have rethought that in this humidity. 

Autumn.  It’s drier here in the South.  It’s my favorite season.

But, if you’re not careful, the lower humidity of autumn will sneak up on you with cracked knuckles,  peeling cuticles and chapped lips.  The chapped lips are especially troublesome, aren’t they?  No matter where you live or what you do, you need some good chapstick.

I’ve conducted an in-depth study these last 8 years and found this product to be most advantageous during autumn.

Neutrogena lip-1

I prefer it plum fresh.

Neutrogena lip-2

It adds a feminine touch without seeming contrived – a natural look for a woman competing with all the usual adversarial elements, plus bovine shenanigans.

I think this is quite the perfect chapstick – not sticky, not prone to clumpiness after applied, and pretty enough to…

Neutrogena lip-3

…indeed, it’s pretty enough to work the cat walk.

It’s just that good.

Belle (o’Beef)

* Neutrogena doesn’t know me from Adam’s house cat, but I know this is a very important commercial break for calving season.  My Farmer can’t be handling all this calving season stress on a sugar-free diet.  Good chapstick is essential to feeding the world! 

Ok, it is a somewhat indirect correlation, but I’m a-correlatin’ over here nonetheless.

11 Responses to “Calving Season Commercial Break – what this farm wife likes”

  1. Susan Cooper

    Do people down there appreciate you and your completely charming way of expressing yourself? I think it’s delightful! Susan


    • Emily Grace

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Susan! Yes, the few that are reading are appreciative and kind, and I’m so happy with this endeavor. It’s challenging and enjoyable work. I like “delightful” – thanks!



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