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Calving Season Commerical Break – good company in the farm truck

With all this ruckus and excitement of the calving season, I don’t want to neglect to highlight an important part of the whole process – because you need to know our standards for acceptable working conditions on the farm.

You’ve got to have good company in the truck.

truck psa-3

This is the best company ever found in a farm truck.  Just picked him up off the side of the highway because he looked cute.

pregnant cow-2

If one hand is on the window sill and the other’s on the wheel, you aren’t holding my hand…for real.

I’ll leave my whining country songwriter career on the shelf after today – promise – mostly.

The thing about this guy is he’s not always available when it’s time to check cattle.  You gotta have reliable working conditions in the truck.

Because God only knows what the conditions will be like outside your four-wheeled-fortress.  Therefore, God created…

Buddy Dog

truck psa-1

He is sweetness caninified.  His name is the very essence of good company.

And that’s fine by me.  He’s real snuggly.

 truck psa-2

His mama locks the door for him so he won’t fall out.  It’s a good excited-canine-passenger (ECP) procedure.

I would be devastated if anything happened to this geriatric-ish – Heinz 57 – mostly Labrador friend of mine. 

I won’t do calving season without him.  I’ve convinced myself he’s going to live forever.

My Farmer has yet to contradict me.

Here’s to smart farmers, safe pups and a successful *calving season!

It’s good to be us, isn’t it Buddy bear cub!  C’mon and get in the truck.  We’ve got to go check cattle!

To the back 40 – and beyond,
Buddy and BoB.

*next stop – How to hands-free visually determine bovine gestation.  It’s the post you’ve waited your entire Internet existence for!

8 Responses to “Calving Season Commerical Break – good company in the farm truck”

  1. katie

    Buddy looks like our dog Luke! But Luke is not a cattle dog. Sadie May is our working dog and since her Daddy married me she has gone from garage to sleeping next to our bed. Long live cattle dogs!


    • Emily Grace

      Well, Buddy is no cattle dog, but he sure enough is a truck dog! I think Sadie May is a trip – tell her I said to stay off the couch! :o)


  2. Dystocia | Beef and Sweet Tea

    […] – it’s the main reason we check the herd each day during calving season.  When we drive out on the pasture to check the herd we are looking at each cow to see if she’s in any sort of […]



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