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South Dakota Ranchers – a resource post in the wake of winter storm Atlas

Click here to support South Dakota cattle and sheep ranchers.

Click this graphic to support South Dakota ranchers.

Cows, even in the cold wintertime, are heartily warm – a delight to touch if they are inclined to let you touch them.

Last week in South Dakota winter storm Atlas froze thousands of livestock animals to death…

When a simple statement of fact starts your tears, it’s generally best to just be quiet and sit with those feelings for a few minutes.

South Dakota cattle atlas storm compassion

Click this photo to give relief to South Dakota Ranchers

From those who have gathered their thoughts and shared them:

Questioning Cattle Deaths in South Dakota

My Heart Breaks

AGChat Foundation Partners to Help South Dakota Cattle Ranchers – GOAL: $500,000

Prayers for South Dakota

South Dakota Ranchers Reel

South Dakota Cattleman’s Association

The Brighter Side – Even when my heart hurts, it’s a pleasure to read about small miracles that happen in the midst of tragedy.

Rainbow Bible Ranch – 90 Horses Dead

Heartache in South Dakota

The Blizzard That Never Was – and its Aftermath on South Dakota Ranchers

Ranch Wife Update: October Blizzard

Frozen Fury

Help South Dakota Ranchers

My farm photo. My farmer. My cow.
Our South Dakota. Our Ranchers. Our Food.

Hope is a powerful thing. Please, give some.

Prayers, kind comments on blogs, relief funds, etc.

Emily Grace

4 Responses to “South Dakota Ranchers – a resource post in the wake of winter storm Atlas”

    • Emily Grace

      Thanks Larry and Robin! We are not forgetting you down here. A one month (since my first SD post) update will go up the first of next week. Please share any links you find especially helpful and I’ll have a look.



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