a story of Southern agriculture

  • sra august 15-1a

    Sweet – Now Over (Praise Be) – Summertime

    Summer 2015 was...well, it was summer on a farm...hot, task oriented, humid, and we're thankful it's giving way to autumn - delicious, crisp mornings and pumpkin spotted autumn.…

  • wpid-20150706_105423-1.jpg

    Insta-Beef and Sweet Tea

    Hi Farm Friends, Long time no chat. I sure do hope you are well. We are plugging along through summer here on the farm.   My Farmer is enjoying the new-to-us cab tractor.

  • 40s Cattle txt

    FarrrTHUR 41 – Of Boots & Fields

    Last autumn, in honor of Patriot Day I chronicled our family’s farmers and their roles in conflict since the 1860s.  For this Memorial Day Weekend 2015, I will share it…

  • yard calves-9

    FarrrThur 39: and decaf please…

    These calves look like twins, don’t they? Don’t worry, their mamas can tell them apart. Their matchy-matchy lovely Hereford face pattern is brought to you…

  • tractor roads-7 text

    FarrrTHUR 37: The Big Wheels Are Rollin’

    Buddy Dog loves to ride in anything, but he has a noticeably higher level of enthusiasm for the big dually truck than for my car. Even Buddy understands the power of a big…

  • farmstead-31 text

    FarrrTHUR 20: The Farming Side of the City

    Thank you for stopping by!  Let’s go FarrrTHUR with agriculture….in the city!     Urban Farmstead Friends – Farmstead – the buildings and adjacent service areas…

  • macro 7

    Pentax MX-1 Macro Focus Options

    If you’re new to the Pentax MX-1 series here at Beef & Sweet Tea, then do partake of the links at the bottom of this post that will take you to previous chapters in…

  • bridge to agriculture 2

    A Bridge Back. A Way Forward.

    A Bridge Back. A Way Forward. Journal Date: 9/21/2013, the last calendar date of summer, Saturday It has rained all morning, and I’m glad.  We haven’t had any rain for about…


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